Last weekend, the folks that own Elly threw a whimsical-vintage party in honour of the Lantern Festival.

And, OH MY, it was pretty incredible.

It was really well thought-out, and had so many details – from the lovely goody bags to the cute kiddie games. It was obvious that a lot of time and effort had been poured into preparation into the party, and it was rewarded by overjoyed kids that had a wonderful time.

Oh the downside, I didn’t really get much of a chance to check out all the lovely little details, or sit down and relax. It’s hard work looking after 2 young kids.. even though I had Chris there as well! Carter decided to get super-fussy and stay awake the entire time, as he was hot and bothered (the party was held outdoors).. so 99% of my attention was dedicated to trying to keep him quiet. Hrmphhhh!

The majority of my Mummy-friends and Hunter’s playmates were all there though, which was fab as it was basically one massive playdate.. but on a really grand scale.

Hunter wore his Elly vehicles shirt, and Elly shorts. Carter couldn’t come decked out in Elly gear, because their sizing starts at 9-months. But, they’re launching their Baby Elly range very soon… which I’m very excited about!

It was a beautifully planned party and Hunter enjoyed tottering around with his light-up lantern and playing with all the kids. As a family, we enjoyed a nice outing and being able to hang out with our friends as well. Much love and appreciation to the lovely folk at Elly for organising and hosting the party!!

Note: photos below are taken by myself, or snitched off friends’ cameras (thank you!)

Thoughtful goody bags for the kids


Mummy of 1, 2, and 3 kids!


Looking like he’s pooping, but really, he’s just enjoying the food


Only close-up of Carter and it’s so unattractive. I blame the photographer!!


With our two little munchkins


The lovely outdoor garden


One of the fun carnival-theme games for the kids


More interested in his sandwich than the game stands..




Pigtals *squee!*


They even had an oldskool ice cream man.. serving ice cream on soft fluffy bread. OMG IT WAS SO GOOD I NEARLY FAINTED. Where can I get more of this stuff in Singapore??


Babysitting tip: whack all kids behind bars. Viola! Inability to run off and cause trouble 😉


Hunter and his signature pensive look


Whispering secrets


Looking like the cool kids at school


“Gak! Dad, my underwear’s in full view!”


Hunter and his bus-shaped lantern


The huge, full moon (please excuse the crap photo quality)


Picture perfect


Aaaaand… that’s the end of it!



Let's Chat!

Jacinta says:

I love those ice-cream in bread too! It’s really cheap, and most ice-cream vendors in neighborhood areas serve them. 🙂

Beverly! says:

I don’t see them around near me, sadly!

K says:

Mannn such stylish kids! Wish I could get the black and white one in adult size!

Beverly, did you get my e-mail about your Twitter? I heard your account got hacked – now I’m apparently blocked from following you! @kahyen

K says:

Err and by “one” I obviously mean “dress.” No racist comment intended.

Beverly! says:

Ehh weird, try again??

Iris says:

Hunter looks cute with the curly hair little girl, a perfect couple! 😛

Beverly! says:

They were born just 2 weeks apart too!

Pearlyn says:

You can get those old school ice-cream along orchard road. There is normally one outside Takashimaya, near the road where you cross over to Paragon.

Beverly! says:

Ohhhhhh yeah I think I remember seeing, but I never really thought of stopping to check the cart out. Man, I need to get myself down there again to get an ice cream 😉