I used to live in heels, because I really needed the extra height ;) It all became a distant memory when Hunter rocked up… and even more of an impossibility now that we have 2 kids. I spend most days in flats now – predominantly ballet flats and sandals.

The issue with wearing flats is that they then make you look super casual. So if I go to the city in just a tee and shorts and my flats… well.. I reckon I look like the nanny or the maid ;) For that reason, I tend to go for pretty flats, so at least they make me feel vaguely more dressed up.

I particularly adore my new Chanel leather sandals because they’re uber comfortable, have cute hardware detailing, and they’re made of soft leather and black (ie. I think it makes them seem ‘nicer’ for the city than wearing rubber flip flops). They’re easy to slip on, and a great daily sandal to wear :)


Chanel leather sandals


They still hug my flat/skinny feet, yay!


Mr Shoe Connoisseur spotted my new shoes and insisted I take them off…


…then proceeded to merrily parade around in them


Hello my pretties!


Korean fabric sandals I bought the other day. They’re cute and gaudy, all at the same time ;)


Another pair of flats I bought (from PrettyFit, a local brand). I got the ballerina-pink one.. the crystals are gorgeous and so sparkly!!


Me and my precious littlest one at home


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Let's Chat!

Daisy says:

Sorry this is totally unrelated to your post. A s far as I can gather from your blog but I may be wrong, Hunter sleeps on his own in his room. Do you mind sharing how you sleep train him? Thank you

Beverly! says:

Hunter really likes to sleep so he sort of sleep trained himself.. but we did follow a very strict bedtime routine (dinner at 6pm, then a bit of playtime, potty, bathtime, bedtime story, bed) from very very very early on, when he was just a few months old. So now once the routine begins, he’s already ready for sleep and goes “bed” after awhile!

So I’d def recommend doing a bedtime routine with lots of quiet time at the end.. I do think babies really benefit from it :)

Daisy says:

Thanks Beverly. Did Hunter sleep in the same room withh you to begin with? If so, how did you manage to get him to sleep in his own room? Now my problem is can’t get my son to sleep on his own. :(

Beverly! says:

He did, in a cot in our room. We basically went cold turkey and just pushed his cot into his own room! I think that was at around 8 months old or so.. He didn’t realise the difference or didn’t care much, I think.

But whenever he was fussy and cried, we did the a bit of cry-it-out (let him cry for 1 min, go in to pat and settle, then let cry for 2 mins, pat, cry 5 mins, pat, cry 10 min15s, pat, cry 15 mins, pat).

Cheryl says:

Hi Beverly,
Your Korean fabric sandals are really pretty and it caught my attention, may I know which brand is it and where can I get it? Thanks a lot! :)

Beverly! says:

It’s “japan mode” but I can’t seem to find any info on it online, so I think it’s more of an obscure brand? I got it from a shop at Far East Plaza in Singapore!

Cheryl says:

Thank You Beverly! :)

Rosaline says:

Hi Beverly,
Chanced upon ur blog and I must say I enjoyed reading them!!!
Both ur kids are so adorable!!! My EDD 23rd Sep and the information you’ve shared (like the Tribe diaper bag) blog was super useful! Dun stop blogging cos u rocks!
And as for shoes, I am loving Melissa’s! Can try that too :p
Take care :)

Beverly! says:

Thank you Rosaline and CONGRATS to you too!!

I’ve seen Melissa shoes and they’re sooo cute, but the prices are so inflated in Singapore :(

jasmine says:

Love your chanel flats. Was it a push present

Beverly! says:

Nah cos I have my eye on something else as a push present.. hehe

ginnie says:

May I know how much is the sandal?

ginnie says:

Geez thank you bev

Iris says:

I love flats too, esp. ballet flats! I wear them for weekend shopping with family! You can try Pazzion next time, a local brand and like Pretty Fit, they have nice flats besides heels too.

Beverly! says:

Yeah a few people have mentioned Pazzion to me too! I haven’t really checked out their store much.. will have to next time I spot em :)

Shree says:

OO I like the “gaudy” ones! Brightens up your day I’m sure ;) Carter looks so peaceful in that picture. Hope he’s able to feed better now :)

Beverly! says:

yeah I thought they were cute! Plus, comfy too:)

Erica says:

Remember Hunter trying to walk in my camellia thongs at the hospital last week? Lol!

Beverly! says:

Haha OH YEAH! Man my son is developing a taste of expensive shoes… eek..