Simliar……ish? :)


Hunter Burgess (2 weeks old)


I think Carter has the same eyes, but sharper nose and thinner lips. And a slimmer head with more hair! But I also reckon Hunter looks nothing like he does now… so it’ll be interesting to see what Carter will grow up to look like :)


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shinea says:

Congrats! Your babies are adorable. I would say that Carter looks like you and Hunter looks like your husband. Carter has your eyes, lips, hair, and complexion.

Beverly! says:

I do think so too! It’s funny how 2 kids can look different but yet still look related…

Jenny says:

A hugeee congrats, Bev!

He is gorgeous and most importantly, healthy :)

Beverly! says:

Thanks Jenny! And OMG your food photos on your blog are amazing…

Shree says:

I’m TERRIBLE at stuff like this…so I’m just gonna say…”omg sooooooooo adorable!!” BOTH of them :)

Beverly! says:

Heheh thank you Shree!

Fifilala says:

I think they have the same face shape and from the eyes down, Carter looks more like Chris than Hunter does, but his eyes look more Asian than Hunter’s do.

But, as you said, Hunter looks very different now so Carter will probably change dramatically in the coming months too. It’s fascinating to see them change. Both beautiful boys. :)

Beverly! says:

Yeah I think Hunter (when he was <2 months) doesn't look anything like he does now... so I guess babies take a while to 'grow' their features!

Semantha Chia says:

Dear Beverly Princess, Congratulations to you and ur lovely husband…. I think Hunter has ur lips and Carter’s lips seemed to look more like Chris… but both babies have the same shape of face (especially forehead) with similar hair distribution… great combination features on ur kids…. Enjoy ur wonderful and super adorable family!!!!

Beverly! says:

thank you so much! And you’re right, I totally agree that Carter has Chris’ lips and Hunter has mine.. it’s fun to see our features come through like that :)

Pris says:

Can definitely tell that they are brothers and I agree that Carter looks more Asian.

Beverly! says:

I’m glad they still look like brothers though!

jasmine says:

both are equally cute but Carter definitely looks more asian!

Beverly! says:

I think he has more hair, and darker too, which does make him look more Asian!

Sue says:

They both look gorgeous and definitely have the same eyes.. Xx

Beverly! says:

Yeah I love that they have the same eyes.. hopefully Carter’s eyelashes will be long too :P

Iris says:

Carter looks more like a baby girl due to his thin lips but still as adorable like Hunter! :)

Beverly! says:

Hehe yeah, Carter does have Chris’ lips!

Erica says:

Carter definitely looks more Asian than Hunter!

Beverly! says:

Yeah I think right now he def does, esp with the dark hair!