A wonderful Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there.. especially to my own Dad and Chris!

We had a fairly chill but nice one, and ate some very good food :) Hunter was also on his BEST behaviour for the whole weekend, which was so delightful because he’s had a rough week – found out today when Hunter went for his first dentist visit that it’s cos his upper-right molars have fully erupted (never thought of checking his molars earlier, ‘cos they usually come out after 1.5 years old, but Hunter’s came out early). But now that it’s through, he’s back to being a sweetie pie and eating well again – thank goodness for that!

If you are a Dad yourself, Happy Father’s Day to you. Dad’s don’t often get much credit but without them, us Mums would be a total mess for sure ;)




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Mag says:

Totally agree with the quote… And a tad late but Happy Father’s Day to Chris!

Iris says:

Your husband’s expression is priceless when Hunter kissed him!:)

Beverly! says:

Haha yeah, it was a cute moment!