Friends HI, JELLYBEAN! 9 April 2012

Are you a cat lover, residing in Singapore? Please read on if you have the space and heart to potentially home a sweet and loving cat – Jellybean. 

Jellybean was found by one of my blog readers and was a teeny tiny kitten. She’s healthy and waiting for a family to love her. She doesn’t demand your attention when you are busy, loves to entertain herself on a piece of string, a rattling ball, or watch the birds fly past. She’s also a very smart kitty and a fast learner! You will laugh when she comes hopping by with her trademark lamb hop!

Jellybean is sterilised/neutered, de-wormed, de-flea’d, vaccinated and litter box trained.

Please help her find a loving home, and pass this message on.

And here’s 10 Reasons why having a glossy black cat rocks 🙂

  1. A lint brush isn’t required for a black tie affair
  2. Holding a black cat is very slimming
  3. Black cat are a great accessory to any outfit
  4. They will match any colour of decor
  5. You will save money on their Halloween costumes
  6. The are the least likely to be adopted
  7. When you love a black cat, luck is on your side! Its true, her foster won the local 4D the first week she stayed in her house, and its not just $20!
  8. They are genetically healthier
  9. They don’t care what colour you are!
  10. Love knows no colour

Interested in adopting this lil princess? Please EMAIL to come and check Jellybean out, etc 🙂



  • Erika Salvedia on Facebook posted on April 9, 2012 at 2:20 pm


    • Beverly! posted on April 9, 2012 at 6:37 pm

      Such a sweet kitty huh? Unfortunately we can’t home her since we have 2 babies, and def no time or space for a pet!

  • Stefanie posted on April 10, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    She’s so cute, hope she finds a home. I love cats however I live in Sydney and hubby is also allergic which means we can’t have any 🙁

    • Beverly! posted on April 11, 2012 at 8:19 am

      Yeah a lot of people are allergic to cats, which is sad!

  • Beverly Burgess on Facebook posted on April 11, 2012 at 8:20 am

    Beverly! commented on Beverly’s adventures!:

    Yeah a lot of people are allergic to cats, which is sad!

  • Fiona posted on April 19, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Such a sweetie! It’s a pity I’m in Australia, and already have three cats.

    I hope somebody will love her.

    • Beverly! posted on April 20, 2012 at 7:08 am

      Aww 3 kitties, they must keep you busy, hehe!


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