Another flash-sale site I’m a fan of is Foxysales, which do frequent deep-discount sales on brand name items.

I was SO excited when recently they had a big sale on Oobi baby/kids clothing! I immediately picked a super-soft and thin kaftan top for Hunter, in a navy blue (he looks best in this colour IMHO), cute mandarin collar, and long sleeves. I really like it because the material is really thin (almost see-through) and soft, so it’s fine for Singapore’s weather but also provides a bit of cover in airconditioning or cooler climates.

I also got the matching pants which are also really thin and soft and comfy. They’re slightly on the large size for him, so we’ll get a good few months of use out of it :)

Hunter modelling his Oobi outfit :P


Lil comfy boy


We also checked out Baker & Cook the other day. They rate themselves as “Singapore’s only true artisan bakery & foodstore” – quite a lofty claim! Stepping in, I’m immediately reminded of Shanghai’s Baker & Spice stores, and it’s also reminiscent of the bakeries in Australia. It also smells WONDERFUL in there :) It’s packed with both locals and expats, and seems to be the go-to place for brunch these days.

The counter is a little chaotic, with no proper queue for ordering/paying. But, I did finally get served and our food came out soon afterwards.

Chaos at the counter of Baker & Cook


My man :)


Their latte was top-notch. It was served in a teeny tiny glass for the price, which was a little sad, but did contain 2 shots of espresso and so had a fabulous kick to it.



I had the Mince and cheese pie which I didn’t take a photo of below (forgot, oops!!), and I liked that I could choose the type of salad it came with. The pie pastry itself was homemade and utterly delicious and buttery, but the mince was a little too salty for my liking.

The Blueberry bagel with cream cheese was FANTASTIC. Often, bagels in Singapore are really dense and overly chewy (in particular those awful “NYC” brand ones at Cold Storage). But this one was fluffy yet still slightly chewy, and dotted with tons of blueberries. It was lightly toasted and went beautifully with the mild cream cheese. I’d get this again next time for sure!

Blueberry bagel with cream cheese


Their croissant was perfect. Very fluffy and oh-so-buttery. It was really light and crisp on the outside, but soft and moist on the inside, and flaked apart with a light tug. It was lovely served with their homemade jam, which is in help-yourself pots on the tables.

Croissant with homemade jam


I really wanted to try the custard-filled donut because, well, just LOOK AT IT below!! How to resist??? It was very nice :) Fluffy and golden-brown, with a lovely springy bite, and creamy custard oozing out. Yum.

Custard-filled donut


The chocolate muffin also begged my attention ;) I do love my muffin tops! It had a lovely amount of chocolate through it, and wasn’t dry, which is often my fear with muffins. Not bad at all.

Chocolate muffin


We brought home some hot cross buns, since they were specially baking them for Easter. They cost around $2.50 per bun (!!) so you’d expect something awesome. I thought they were only okay, but it’s because I’m not a fan of raisins and they put tons in there! Obviously, this is what makes a good hot cross bun, so Chris really liked them.

Hot cross buns


I’m looking forward to going to Baker & Cook again. Their breads and pastries are top-notch and, though not that cheap, make for a nice brunch or snack. If you can, go there on a weekday, because weekends get pretty packed!


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Iris says:

Hunter is sooo cute in his new outfit! I always show my husband Hunter’s cute photos :)

Beverly! says:

I love that outfit and now I can’t wait to check out Oobi when we’re in Australia. hee!!

Eve says:

I’m from NYC and that bagel definitely looks like those that we get over here :) Pretty authentic looking!

Beverly! says:

Ohhhhh you’re so lucky! Awesome food and even more awesome shopping in NYC, heh

Delphine says:

I totally agree about the chaotic ordering/ paying at Baker & Cook. I’m very fond of their homemade jams!

Beverly! says:

DId you buy a jar back home? I was eyeing their raspberry (strawberry?) one but JUST bought a jar at home so wanna use that up first..

Delphine says:

Yeah, I bought the mixed berry one and brought it to work and all my colleagues love it. :)