Hunter, Playdates RIVER HONGBAO @ MARINA BAY 11 February 2012

A girl friend and I did a playdate at the River HongBao event, held at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay. I learned the floating platform (which floats on the river) is normally closed to the public, so it’s supposed to be a good opportunity to get yourself there.

The event houses over 70 giant lanterns handcrafted by lantern masters from Chengdu. The event actually has stuff like fireworks, traditional dancing, traditional foods, arts & craft, etc etc… but we only managed to have a quick look at the huge lanterns before the rain started, d’oh! I actually think it’d be better to go back at night, because then everything is lit up.

I’m a bit annoyed we missed the Food Street there. We did see it, but were too full to eat! I read later that  it had”Guangxi local specialties specially prepared by Guangxi chefs like Guilin Rice Noodles ??????, Bamboo Rice ?????and Yu Lin Meatballs ??????.” Arghhh!!!! Would’ve loved to have tucked into all that.

Hello, you!


River Hongbao, with MBS hotel looming in the background


The giant lantern sculptures. So colorful!


This super huge/tall dude with a lion, that actually looked kinda scary…


And, well, since I don’t really have much else to say about the River Hongbao event.. and cos I have a whole bunch of random photos, I’m going to chuck them all here 🙂

Not to make you jealous or anything….. but this is what my girl friend whipped up for us for lunch 🙂 Confit of ocean trout! And that was just the appetizer…


….followed by a main of Snapper pie with truffle oil 😀
…then topped off with Lavender-spiked hot chocolate and ET Artisan macaroons for dessert. What a lavish 3-course homecooked lunch!


I cooked Hunter ‘mee swa’ noodles with fish & veg for the first time. He LOVED it 🙂 It’s only the 2nd time he’s had Chinese food, so I’m trying to do cook more of it to expand his palate, because all he ever eats is Western food!


We are SUPER lucky that Mum frequently cooks dinner for us 🙂 This is her Philippino-style pork chops – yummy!


Our favourite alcohol(s) – Amarula and Rosemount O


Rockin’ their his-and-hers strollers. LOL!




My lil koala bear, in the morning


Those LASHES!! I wish I had them instead 😛


Pole-dancing by the pool. As you do.


That is all! Good night, world. Have a fab weekend 🙂