Hey guess what, it’s Chinese New Year!

OK, Chinese New Year actually started more than a week ago.. but I’ve been busy on playdates and looking after Hunter, so haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet. And anyway, was preoccupied writing up his 1st Birthday entries :P

But yep, Chinese New Year is really exciting for us this year because it’s the first time we’ve celebrated in …. believe it or not….. over a decade. I think the last time we celebrated was when I was 18 yrs old or something like that! It’s not exactly big in Australia, and in China the whole country practically shuts down whilst everyone visits their own relatives, so we could only bum around at home.

But THIS year, we’re in Singapore and can celebrate! And, even better, we have Hunter now. It was his 1st CNY so of course we had to dress him up in a traditional Chinese outfit. I figure since Hunter is a mixed kid, he would look pretty funky in it :P

"Oh maaaaan.... what have Mum and Dad DONE TO ME?!?!"


Getting into the CNY spirit :P


It was still a pretty low-key CNY celebration for us, because my Dad’s side of the family don’t even celebrate it, and my Mum’s side just barely. So all we really got was to go over to my Aunt’s place where she had an ‘open house’. But it was fun! Sooooo much yummy food (which is kinda my benchmark on whether a party is good or not, heh!!) and lotsa family friends there too. Hunter was a bit shocked with the people, but had fun :)

Cute decor!


All comfy on my parents


Chris finding out what it's like to be Dad to a lil girl :P


Mr and Miss Chinese New Year


"May I have a snack too, Mum?"


My aunt dug out this photo.. of my 2 cousins and I! I'm on the right of the pic, if it isn't obvious :P


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Let's Chat!

Jessie says:

Just looking at ur baby pic, Hunter looks like a blonde version of you when u were younger hehe…all he needs is ponytails now

Beverly! says:

Hehe… I think it’s the cheeks!

K says:

This looks like the place you took a few pictures ages ago and I couldn’t figure out if you were in someone’s place or a restaurant b/c it was such a cool space!

Beverly, you look exactly the same as when you were a kid… sure, you’re a lil taller, but you haven’t changed. ;)

Beverly! says:

Heh yeah it’s my aunt’s house.

And haha! Well I guess I got rid of my fringe and pigtails. Chris reckons Hunter’s expression is just like mine though ;)

zhing says:

soooo cute! :) did he enjoy himself visiting all the rellies? awww. i wanna give him huge hugs in that silky pjs!!

Beverly! says:

Well we only went to my Aunt’s house over CNY.. but he did rather enjoy that! He got lots of attention :P

Jacinta says:

Happy Chinese New Year! Hunter’s cheeks are soo cute! Haha.. :D

Beverly! says:

He’s too cheek-heavy so they sag down, HAHA!

Susan says:

Hunter looks adorable. Hope you guys had a great CNY.

Beverly! says:

Thanks Susan, Happy CNY to you and your family!

Delphine says:

Adam has the same blue traditional Chinese romper outfit! With a different button design. Hunter looks really cute. :)

Beverly! says:

I saw!! Did Anya have the matching red girls one? Man that would be so cute together