Birthdays, Family HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY AMANDA!! 18 February 2012

My little cousin is not so little anymore. She turned 30 years old! She’s just 4 months younger than me, so we have a lot of memories growing up together. She and her older sister are in my earliest of memories.. of us playing ‘cooking’ together, drawing hopscotch patterns at the gazebo (much to my Mum’s horror), making my Dad crawl around the house through our ‘obstacle courses’, playing board games together (I was always the sore loser that would get super-pissed if I lost!), having my bowl of noodles all the time at school.. but only wanting to eat the noodles.. so she would eat all the meat in addition to her own bowl of noodles – haha!,  etc etc etc. Could write pages and pages elaborating on all the little crazy things we did 😛

When she married her long-term love and popped out a cute son, I was kind of shocked because… well… she was my little cousin. She’s not meant to be all grown up! But here she is, at 30 years old, happily married, with her own successful company (HELLO Cookyn Inc), and with a very clever little boy. I think many would envy that.

The happy family




Dad with his 2 favourite boys in the world


Hunter, not so convinced with the way his tie was put on..


So she invited a couple of us over for her Black Tie in the Backyard birthday bash! Hence why all of us are sporting a black tie with our outfit (I was a NINJA).

There were tables set up, lots of drinks and wine, and we enjoyed the cool evening air whilst chowing down on some fabulous food.

Buzzing around with our drinks


The food. YUM!!


All of us!


A birthday serenade from our famous guitar player 😉


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our little big Mei! Here’s to many more to come 🙂