Christmas, Family IT’S CHRISTMAS :) 27 December 2011

We had a fairly chill Christmas this year, and celebrated exclusively with family instead. The exact opposite of last year, when we celebrated with friends in Shanghai, and no family!

Chris’ Dad, Mum and brother flew in to Singapore to celebrate Christmas, which was really nice because it meant Hunter’s first Christmas was with BOTH sets of grandparents! The spoiled little boy is simply soaking up all the unlimited cuddles and attention he is getting 😉

“Good morning. Is it Christmas yet?”


Kisses from Dad!


We hosted a simple but substantial Christmas Eve dinner at our place.. with a pork roulade, roast beef, roasted veggies and salad. That wasn’t what filled us up though… it was the DESSERT! 😛 3 beautiful, large desserts – all of them freakin’ fabulous. Our bellies were totally stuffed afterwards, especially with all the desserts, and we even had leftovers for the next day.

Christmas Eve dinner with the family 🙂


Baileys log cake – luscious


Rustic apple pie, served with vanilla ice cream


Fresh cream fruit tart!


Hunter had one BASH of a Christmas! He received enough presents to fill a toy store 😉 I don’t think he quite knew where to start.. and Hunter being Hunter, spent ages just sitting there inspecting each toy carefully, and turning it round and round in his hands. It meant that present-opening took forever and so he had to do it in stages. What a lucky and blessed little boy!

Hunter’s first Christmas… and the resulting presents


Stuff we got him from the USA (with my skincare/cosmetics on the left, heh)


Inspecting his Sophie the Giraffie toy block


And of course, he received a ton of his favourite ‘toy’… BOOKS!!




I hope all of you had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas, celebrating with family and friends 🙂

Can you believe THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER?!??!!?