Family, Food reviews - Singapore BUKIT TIMAH MARKETS 29 December 2011

Since Chris’ family are in town, we decided to take them to the Bukit Timah markets for dinner one evening.. for a good ‘ol chow down on Singaporean food, in a very local setting.

We ordered up a storm of dishes, some of which are not pictured below, because we got too excited eating 😉 I love this place because they have a whole variety of stalls here, so there’s literally something for everyone. And, if you simply don’t like Asian food in general? There’s a stall serving up Western pasta/pizza/etc! But of course we’d be mad to order that 😛

We ordered all our regular favourite dishes, so obviously the photos are going to be of almost the same food as in the link up the top. But this time, all photos snagged from my brother-in-law’s super badass camera, so the quality is even better 😛

Grilling sticks of satay. Best eaten when first dunked into a rich peanut gravy… mmm…


OH hi there, my love 🙂


BBQ chicken wings – always a winner!


Hokkien Prawn Mee. Otherwise known as lustful food porn.


BBQ sting ray. Ordered 2 of these babies, due to popular demand!


Food decimation


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I LOVE BT Market. The fishball noodles there are to die for as well. Can’t remember the exact location of the stall, but if you walk up the big flight of steps, it’s the corner stall near the centre aisle but slightly to the right.

The “tau fu fah” at the back of the market (facing the church/school), above the fishmongers, is also divine!

Certainly looks like a storm you guys ordered up. Oh how I miss Singaporean food!

Oooo i’ve never had that. YES I know the stall you’re talking about cos I was actually looking at that! Will have to try that next time – thanks for the tip 😀

Omg, food aside, I’m lusting over the camera. It’s probably the person behind the camera too but goodness I want it!!!

Hokkien mee!!!!!! Nomnomnomnom.