Hunter, Hunter's progress HUNTER: MONTH 9-10 PROGRESS 25 November 2011

Happy 10 month Birthday, Hunter!


My little man turns 10 months old today, and his personality is so evident now. He’s very outgoing and social and smiley when he’s with family.. but is so much more reserved when he’s outside and/or with strangers. He still flashes strangers grins, but only if he truly does like them or simply feels like it. He’s definitely not one of those I’ll-smile-at-everything-and-anything babies when he’s out in public.

It’s also become really obvious to me that he’s far more placid/docile than babies his age. He’s quite content to sit in one spot if I want him to, and will play very earnestly with his toys with 100% concentration. He doesn’t shout or scream and rarely cries.. but boy he is a whiner!  However in general, he’s really easy to take out with me every day because he’s content in his stroller and will be OK left chilling there by himself whilst I shop and look at stuff 😛 I’m glad I go out daily and he has playdates with other babies the majority of the week, because I think without that kind of social stimulation, he would be kind of an antisocial baby by nature. To this day, I still find it quite surprising because I’m quite the opposite and always want to be around people and friends, and am always talking!



  • Eating – A freakin’ home run with this one! Hilarious because just 2 months ago (which you can read all about in the previous Progress updates), eating was such a major horrific battle for all of us. But now, I’m happy to say he loves food. He eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Easily, happily, without fussing. He’s eaten so much I won’t even bother listing it out here anymore. What a relief and what a delight!!
    Started 1x formula milk feed this month to start the whole weaning process, but still breastfeeding 4x/day. Formula feeding is only 50% successful (he gets rather angry with me sometimes for not giving him the boob)… so still plugging along with this.
    And, he also poos like clockwork now 🙂 How crazy that things can change so dramatically in just a few weeks! My little input/output fail baby is now my little input/output success baby 😉
"Look at me EAT!"

  • Sleeping – Still no updates here ‘cos he’s a great sleeper and napper. Think I’m gonna remove this section for future Progress updates since I don’t think this is gonna change..
A precious moment in bed


  • Motor control – Same as last month’s, just practicing and improving I suppose. Getting to be a bit of an expert in those lift-the-flap books and turning pages with much conviction and purpose.. and he seems to love reading books which is a good thing. He’s also a big fan of putting blocks in/out of a box, inspecting each differently-shaped block and waving it all around. Loves anything to do with vehicles (real or toy) and loves inspecting moving parts with great fervor and deep interest. Wonder if it’s a boy thing.. Also claps hands, waves at people, etc etc.. the regular stuff all babies are doing at his age I guess. Still loves standing and cruising all over the place, but I still think he’ll be a late walker because of his size and rotund-ness (makes him unstable IMHO).
His weird way of crawling.. this, or commando-style.


  • Talking – Starting to say “da da” now but way less frequently than “ma ma”.. which he’ll utter when I step out of sight and he wants to know where I am – TOO CUTE!! Loves to point at various objects he’s interested in let out a string of (incoherent) babbling, such as excitedly pointing to a giant red ball and saying “baaaa! baaaaa!!”, pointing at the playground that he visits every morning and saying “fdajer3gaaaa” (<– incoherent, haha), etc.
    He’s only particularly talkative around people he’s very familiar with though, and in familiar environments. Once we’re out or with people he doesn’t really know, he’s a very silent baby and will be the sort to sit there quietly and observe, rather than get in the middle of things and talk. Guess he’s not a social butterfly 😉

Overall, Hunter’s still a bit of a chubby baby so I’m looking forward to the next few months where I expect he’ll get even more mobile and drop his baby fat. I know Chinese people love it and boast when they have fat babies (and even pump them up so they get chubby), but I personally don’t think it’s a good thing since there’s no benefit in being big. Fortunately his nutrition is breastmilk-dominated, so I don’t worry about him being overfed or unhealthy, but I certainly am looking forward to when he starts getting longer and leaner 🙂

And so onward-ho we go! You have brought so much love and joy into all our lives, Hunter. We can’t imagine life without you – not seeing your cheeky grin in the morning; not cuddling you tight all day, not seeing your sleepy lil face and smelling you all fresh and in your pjs, ready for bed.. So grateful to have you in our lives! You are perfect, in our eyes 🙂

A voracious appetite for books 😉




  • Sarah posted on November 26, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Can I say how much I see my son in Hunter? They are so similar in so many ways – E is also quite a calm baby, doesn’t cry but does whine, he’s eating and sleeping well, he loves books and talks a lot when he’s at home (tho he prefers Bababa to Mamama haha). Hunter and E really have to meet one day!

    Happy 10 month birthday Hunter! Your stories always make me smile 🙂

    • Beverly! posted on November 26, 2011 at 9:01 am

      I’m with you Sarah, I do think they are very similar.. not to mention look similar too, heh!!

  • Amy Yang posted on November 27, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Happy 10 months Hunter! Look forward to seeing him crawling and walking very soon, its gonna be sooo cute I’m sure! 😛 And have to say you are doing a marvelous job Bev, especially as a first time mommy you make it look so relaxed and effortless, can still remember how stressed I was with my first bub lol….

    • Beverly! posted on November 28, 2011 at 12:20 pm

      Thanks Amy, that’s so nice of you! Errr I do get stressed though, but poor Chris has to deal with that, heh 😛

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