Hunter, Living in... Singapore A DAY IN THE LIFE…. 22 November 2011

So this is what our little boy gets up to every day… We have our little routine down pat, and it works well for us, because he runs like clockwork and it makes both his and our lives easier knowing what’s coming up, etc. It also means he doesn’t need to cry, because he knows what’s coming up next and when he’s feeding/napping next, so I believe that it makes him feel more secure.

I suppose it’s also because I’m quite a particular and organised person by nature, so I feel a sense of deep satisfaction when I have my baby “all figured out”. And I do reckon he’s very much like me, because he simply thrives on this day-in-day-out routine. Anyway, at the end of the day…. he’s a happy lil boy, so because of that, I’m happy too πŸ™‚

He goes on a morning walk every day at 8-9AM after his 7:30AM breast feed. The morning walk is great way to start his day, and to learn and experience the outdoors.


Breakfast time at 9AM. He likes nomming on snacks like this rice cracker as well. I limit (organic only!) snacks because I don't believe they're very nutritious, so they're more for him to use his pincer grasp and motor skills.


It's off to the City after his nap (from 10 - 11:30AM) and 12PM breastfeed. Yeah, I had to sneak in a pic of my bag here, muahaha πŸ˜‰


Wearing my new daily earrings, super-thin gold earrings from Tellurus on Etsy, a gift from a gf. Love 'em!


We always have lunch out. Hunter eats with me, at 1:30PM. I *STRONGLY* believe in home-cooked food made from scratch for him, but his lunch is bottled baby-food 50% of the time because it's all pre-packaged/convenient. His breakfasts & dinners are almost always home-cooked, though, to compensate. Fortunately his nutrition is still 80% breastfed so I'm OK with bottled food, but once he transitions to an almost all solid diet, I'll be ensuring the lunch meal is home-cooked as well.


And of course, play dates! At least 2-3 times a week with his various 'lil friends.. almost all of whom are girls. Hrmm! He has his afternoon milk at 3PM just before his 45min nap, and this time it's his one-and-only formula milk of the day. It's still a work-in-progress as he rejects formula milk 50% of the time and makes angry faces at me, then tries to stuff his hands down my top :X


We get home for dinnertime and playtime from 5-6PM, before he has his bath. Can you count his rolls in the above picture? πŸ˜‰ This is one of his fave toys - he's extremely meticulous and concentrated when he plays with toys, which is more of Chris' trait than mine, I think.


After he's clean as a whistle, it's his night time breastfeed, snuggle time in bed, reading books... until the clock says 7PM, whereupon he insists on being tucked into bed, and then drifts off into dreamland... g'nite world πŸ™‚



Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Yes I did. I wanted to introduce my daughter to a wider range of food since I got the chance so it was not bad but I ordered too much. Some of it even smelt and looked like what I make for her haha!

Hi there, I’m not from S’pore but when I travel there with my bub I try and look for more convenient ways to feed my now 10.5mth old baby her solid food. I dont fancy lugging around a blender or slow cooker and I dont like bottled foods so I found Just thought I’d let you know in case ur interested πŸ™‚

I was at their store the other day!! It does look good, have you tried them out before?
I prefer to cook the food by myself though, so I know exactly the type of food I’m putting in.. and I also figure that, considering I live in Singapore, I really shouldnt’ be lazy and get someone else to cook it πŸ˜‰

I’m using Nan HA! And you’re right , Chris said Similac is a bit sweet like breastmilk, and apparently Nan has a funny smell cos of added iron :X

I love the last part – him insisting to be tucked into bed and going into zzz-land!

I have to say, it’s much tougher to schedule 2nd baby…;(

I see, I thought they look kind of Japanese though.. pretty pretty nevertheless ! πŸ˜€

Awesome! Hunter sounds very much like my bub too, who also thrives on routine, and I’m like you, love the sense of knowing what the day brings. Agree that the sense of security means less/no tears for our little ones. Yay to eating and sleeping like clockwork!

He is so adorable! What do you cook for him? How do you find the time to cook, clean, and stay so chic looking?!!

Heh common misconception I think because I am frazzled most of the time πŸ˜‰

I cook him almost all fruits (breakfast) and veggies (dinner)! Pretty much almost everything.. just that it all has no spices or salt etc, and then pureed

I commend you for making Hunter’s nutrition a priority. Why do you not let him nurse before his afternoon nap, though? You seem to be aware of how breastmilk is superior and much more beneficial than formula, so just curious….

It’s a good question – the reason I do so is because I want to wean him onto 1x formula feed a day so that he’s used to drinking from his sippy cup and just in case anything happens to me, I want to be safe in the knowledge that at least he’s fine with formula.

And, on a selfish level, it also means that once I manage to get out by myself to go out with friends, I can leave him with my parents who can do that formula feed!

I love that time of the day because he’s all drowsy and clean as a whistle.. and oh so snuggly πŸ˜›

Dunno why he’s chubby! Would actually prefer if he’s a bit leaner, heh. Maybe my breastmilk is fatty.. oops.;.