Well, I guess I turn one year older today.. and here I am, at 30 years old.

It has been a whirlwind birthday weekend and I haven’t had a chance to sit down in front of the computer properly, yet alone answer the really thoughtful Happy Birthday messages from you guys. But THANK YOU!! My birthday this year was especially memorable because of wonderful family and friends that made this milestone oh-so-fun for me. Yes, I may be an old lady (ahem) now, but at least I’m surrounded with lovely people, as well as incredibly thoughtful online friends that sent gifts (I’m sorry I haven’t talked/thanked you guys yet, I want to take photos and write to you properly!) :)

It has been an AMAZING past few days and I’m still on a bit of a birthday high right now.

And, I must admit, this did contribute to my birthday high……. presented to me today, one of Chris’ birthday gifts to me :)

A sexy guy holding a sexy orange bag = WIN


Will update more later once I wind down and get all my stuff sorted out! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)


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Let's Chat!

K says:

Happy belated birthday! Mine is less than a week after yours!

Beverly! says:

Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too!!! *throws confetti*

Alicia says:

Happy belated birthday Beverly(: ooh. That’s my favorite orange bag. Can’t wait to see what’s in it.

Beverly! says:

I gotta get round to take pics pics of it… eek!

Jasmine says:

Happy belated birthday Bev! :)

Beverly! says:

Thanks Jasmine!!

chicmcmuffin says:

Happy Birthday and welcome to the club! :D
Can’t wait to see what’s in the orange bag!

Beverly! says:

The 30s club is a lot of fun, I have to admit ;)

Fifilalala says:

Happy birthday Bev. Sounds like you had a great one. :)

Beverly! says:

Aww thanks heaps, yeah, it was a pretty fun 30th! :)

nutfairy says:

Happy Birthday! Hope it’s not too late ;)

Mel says:

Not sure if my posts are getting through.. Happy Birthday for yesterday Bev! Looks like you had a fab time =)

Beverly! says:

Oh I just got the notice for your other post, it went into my spam folder for some odd reason, ugh. Thank you for your bday wishes!! :D

C says:

bet it’s a bag

Beverly! says:

Hehe but to be honest, I like Hermes anything ;)

ashlyne says:

happy birthday beverly! i’ve been following your blog for sometime now and always enjoyed your posts. can’t wait to see the gift your husband bought for you! :P

Beverly! says:

Aww thank you for coming by and yep, I’m slowing working through all my pics and blog entries, hee!

Vanessa says:

happy belated birthday!
looks and sounds like it was an utterly fabulous one! *hugs*

Beverly! says:

Thanks sweetie, it was a fun few days!:P

Starz says:

Happy Birthday to you!!

Mariella says:

Happy Bday Bev, hope u had a nice one!! Wish you the best!!! :D

Beverly! says:

Thanks Mariella!!

Mag says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! I’m sure you had a blast! And you’re not an old lady – it’s just the beginning ;)

*birthday hug*

Beverly! says:

Aww thank you! The weather was perfect THANK GOODNESS… it’s been so rainy lately!