Food reviews - Singapore, Uncategorized NAM KEE CHICKEN RICE & RESTAURANT 29 July 2011

Nam Kee Chicken Rice & Restaurant (??????)
201 Upper Thomson Road


Ahhh… Nam Kee…… This place brings back such memories for me, and is near and dear to my heart. It’s not to be confused with “Wee Nam Kee” by the way, which is another Hainanese chicken rice place. This one is just plain ‘ol Nam Kee and has a coffee-shop decor but with air conditioning, and is MY favourite chicken rice place in all of Singapore 🙂

It’s particularly special to me because it goes waaaaay back in our family. My parents actually went there when they were dating! And subsequently still visited when they were married, when Mum was pregnant, when I was a baby, through my childhood, every time when we returned to Singapore to visit, and it’s my must-go place whenever I dropped into Singapore for the past decade or two. It’s even more special now as Chris likes the place too 🙂

The folks at Nam Kee have watched me grow up from a baby, and now they see my OWN family and baby 🙂

We never deviate far from our ‘standard’ dishes every time we’re there. It is always the dishes below, though sometimes with the yellow-custard round tofu dish swapped for the stir-fried veggies instead. They do cheap food that’s absolutely SPECTACULAR and always the same. It has been consistent for decades which I like. Our dependable source of chicken rice, always tasty, and always feeling like home.

Inside Nam Kee

Condiments – scoop ’em out quickly before they swoop in and take it away!

I like my Hainanese chicken with the white skin, though I don’t eat any of it (I have an aversion to chicken skin, even when it’s deep-fried. I find it soooo weird and gross?!?!). The chicken here at Nam Kee is so tender-soft, silky, and is heavenly dipped into their homemade chilli sauce. It is consistently done perfectly and IMHO the best Hainanese chicken in Singapore.. and believe me I’ve tried virtually all of them 😉

The silky, yummy Hainanese chicken

Chicken rice with dark soy sauce mixed in. It’s hard to stop at 1 serve!

We usually get some sort of veggies/tofu with the meal, so we can still claim we’re “being healthy” 😉 The dish is nice, nothing amazing.. but then again, when are plain stir-fried veggie dishes ever amazing? Still, it does the job, and for a non-veggie lover such as myself, I still find it quite appetizing.

Stir fried veggies and seafood

The Sweet and sour chicken chop is another MUST-HAVE at Nam Kee. It rivals their Hainanese chicken, in fact. Tender chicken, lightly crumbed and fried and served with deliciously rich, tangy sweet and sour sauce. Ohhhhhh it is heavenly!! The mix of the flavours, the tenderness of the chicken.. mmm. Only downside is that 1 plate is nowhere near enough, so you’ll be left salivating for more.

Sweet and sour breaded chicken, absolutely divine!