Food reviews - Singapore, Playdates, Uncategorized PLAYDATE @ EVERYTHING WITH FRIES 21 June 2011

Everything With Fries
40 Lorong Mambong


Just the mere name Everything With Fries has me in a quiver… considering it’s my #1 favourite food. And so I was a little (*ahem*) delighted when I heard there is a place called that, in Holland Village. So of course I had to go there, and what better than on a playdate? It was with some online girl friends that I’d known for awhile but never met in real life before, and our kids are around the same age, so it was fun to meet up 🙂

The restaurant is quite open concept and all about sleek white chairs and tables. The staff were really nice and let us, errr, redecorate the area whilst we moved chairs and tables to accommodate us 😉 It was all a bit chaotic and so I… errrr.. forgot to take photos of most of the food! Didn’t even get a chance to take nice pics of the 3 of us + kids.. argh. I was also a bit frazzled when Hunter had a 20-min meltdown (it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it sure feels like a century when you’re sitting there having to listen to it and calm him down), so all thoughts of photo-taking kind of flew out of my mind.

Everything With Fries

Spot the 2 babies 😉

Super ugly photo of Hunter, LOL!

A shame I forgot pics, because I really enjoyed the food! My chargrilled char siew roulade with garlic sauce was freakin’ FANTASTIC. Next time I’d order it again in an instant. It was like a thick meaty version of the pork you get in Japanese ramen, or a bit like ultra-tender slow-cooked pork belly. Unbelievably tender, so full of flavour, and just plain ‘ol delicious. It was served with, what else? FRIES! I got mine with sour cream and onion seasoning and it was delish – not too overly done.

Chargrilled char siew roulade with garlic sauce

The Nutella Tart was apparently a must-order, so of course we tried it out. It was actually a very simple dish, a sort of gelatinous smooth tart with texture of a firm pudding. It had a lovely chocolate/nutella flavour and the Oreo cookie base was super. Only gripe? It should’ve come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Nutella Tart

Hot banana and butterscotch pudding

Also BIG THANKS to Julyclover who helped me order these adorable goodies from!

The development of a baby laugh. Of course, this was after his
mini melt-down and nap, so he was cheery as anything!

Cuddle time now?