Hunter, Shopping, Uncategorized HELLOOO IPHONE! 31 May 2011

Yep, finally finally FINALLY got myself the new iPhone… the white 16GB version. I’ve been eyeing them for years now – ever since they were first released years ago. But I was ‘bound’ to my BlackBerry ‘cos it’s my work phone, so had to resist. And frankly, the BlackBerry is much better for typing long emails. However, the iPhone is better for everything else and now that we’re in Singapore, I finally can get one.. waaaahoooo!!!

I love it, though it does take getting used to. After years of using my BlackBerry, I couldn’t quite figure out how to scroll down on the iPhone screen. Then I realised “Oh. It’s a touch screen.” DUH 😉

I actually bought the iPhone cover BEFORE I got the iPhone, ‘cos I’m strange like that. Was debating between a couple of $30 covers, then I decided to put them all back whilst I shopped some more to mull it over. At the next shop over, they were having a sale and had a pink cover for $3!!!!! It was a no brainer – I obviously got that cover 😉

And so I am glad to join the ranks of the (many) iPhone users out there. And so I ask you – please tell me your favourite apps!!! Functional ones like photo-editing apps, baby related ones, cute ones, game ones, etc etc. I am rather lost so need some expert tips/advice 😛

First photo taken on my new iPhone 😛