Food reviews - Shanghai, Uncategorized FAREWELL BRUNCH @ CHICHA 24 May 2011

Sinan Mansions
47 Fuxing West Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: ????

It’s been a mad week of farewell brunches, coffees, lunches and dinners for us.. as we near to D-day when we leave Shanghai. I didn’t take photos at most of them, since A) I’m too lazy and B) no time to blog! However, for this particular one, I took photos because I’d been wanting to go to Chicha for AGES and we finally made it there for a lovely brunch with dear friends.

Yet another restaurant by Eduardo Vargas, Chicha is located in the Sinan Mansions area, it was pretty quiet which was just as well. We scored a lovely outdoor table under the trees and the weather was cool yet sunny. Service was prompt and pretty friendly, and the food arrived swiftly. And boy, we were impressed!!

Every dish was unique and had a lovely blend of ingredients and flavours. I was surprised that it wasn’t standard restaurant fare, but I suppose that’s partly because it’s Peruvian food which isn’t common here in Shanghai. I really liked every single dish, and would definitely go back, if not for the fact that we are leaving Shanghai 😉

The outdoor area at Chicha

Complimentary bread. OK, but could’ve done with a lovely herbed/garlic butter instead.

Ginger scones with peaches & cream – oh. my. Crisp, dense, warm, delicious.

Peanut butter & jelly turnovers – such a simple concept, but fantastic!

Seabass cebiche – lovely light flavours, but not enough to be a main meal

Grilled chorizo, egg, potato, chimichurri – ohhhh comfort food at its finest!

Beef saltado, tacu-tacu, egg, onion salsa – the beef was so tender, and
what a unique dish! I’d never tasted anything like it before..

Peruvian flan – creamy and luscious, this was simple but good

Crispy rice pudding, mango salsa, ice cream – I’d never had rice
pudding before, but I’d order it again 🙂

Cinnamon mousse, poached pear-strawberry salsa – this was excellent,
and I don’t even really like cinnamon normally!

CHEERS to 2.5 years of friendship in Shanghai

It’s always so hard to say goodbye 🙁