Hunter, Uncategorized LIL WATER BABY! 24 March 2011

We brought Hunter for his baby swim last week, his second time! The benefits of these swims are that it gives him exercise, which helps get rid of his belly gas (of which he has a ton), and he also gets to enjoy a baby massage whilst I get to speak to the nurse there regarding any concerns or queries. Not to mention it ZONKS him out afterwards so he sleeps for about 5 solid hours. It’s fantastic 🙂

He’s also, errr, ‘graduated’ to the Large floaty ring size. My little fatty!

Arrived and he was fast asleep!

NOT impressed at being woken up for his swim

Clocking in at 6KG at 7 weeks

This seems familiar…!

Tuckered out from the exercise

I love this ‘drooly’ bib 😛