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Hunter Burgess

Firstly, a big thank you for all your messages over the past few days! Normally I like to reply to comments since I reckon it’s polite to respond to people that make the effort to write.. but as you can imagine, things have been absolutely crrraaaazy the past 6 days, so I haven’t had much of a chance to get online – let alone clear emails or blog.

The first thing I wanted to blog was Hunter’s birth story, since I want a record of it and want to write it all down before I forget. So here we go…. though I must warn, don’t read on if you’re squeamish 😉

Hunter’s Birth Story – summary:

It was the perfect and most imperfect birth, all at the same time. I went through everything – both a Natural birth (labour/pushing)… AND a Cesarean! Dammit 😉

5 hour labour (drug free)
2.5 hours pushing (drug free)
Emergency cesarean (epidural)

Hunter’s Birth Story – details:

I woke up at around 5:00AM on 25 January… feeling a bit ‘off’. Restless, I went outside to go surf the internet. The moment I sat on the couch, I felt some fluid in-between my legs. I jumped up and ran towards the bathroom, and along the way I gushed all over the floor! A bit shocked, I stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what to do. I honestly thought I’d peed myself 😛

Woke Chris up and told him, and by then I was feeling weird in my belly, but it was mild, so I resisted his insistence we go to the hospital ASAP, wanting to go later “if my stomach feels worse”. But he wouldn’t listen and called for a cab whilst I had a shower and freshened up. By then, I was feeling these stomach cramps around 3 minutes apart, and they were the intensity of a food poisoning.

Got to the hospital and the doc checked me – 100% effaced and 5cm dilated! Chris and I gawped. I was officially in Active Labour but wasn’t feeling terribly intense contractions.. just stuff that was over if I breathed through, like a period cramp.

After awhile, they intensified to around bad period cramps. Then a little later, Chris asked “Is she in Transition yet?” which is the stage where you dilate to 8-10cm and women vomit and feel queasy. Turns out I was 9cm dilated and already past Transition without feeling that phase – very weird.

Moments later, I was declared fully 10cm dilated and ready to PUSH! This was 5 hours after the first contraction I felt, which we were unprepared for as first-time mums usually go through 10+ hours of labour. So we kept asking the doctor “Are you SURE??”, *lol*!!!! They were amazed I went through it so quickly and easily with no drugs (yayyyyyy), but before we could be complacent, things went downhill real quick.

I progressed to the Pushing phase, which needs no explanation. It was overwhelming, that urge to PUSH! I actually couldn’t physically not push, my whole body would convulse and involuntarily do it. Baby’s head was at -1 station, which is very low in my pelvis, so everyone thought this would be a super-easy phase just like my labour. Ohhhhhh how WRONG we all were!!

His head measured over 11+cm across, and my pelvis was 10cm. And he would/could NOT come down.. no matter how hard I pushed. I pushed so hard that my whole body shook, I gave it my EVERYTHING. For…… 2.5 hours, drug free. It was completely insane. And yes, this was painful – purely because I was pushing his head against my pelvis, repeatedly, for 2.5 hours. And there was zero progress the entire time, no matter what I did 🙁 We decided after 2.5 hours that I needed an emergency Cesarean .

By now, my whole body would convulse with each contraction and I’d be pushing, unable to control the urge. It was BAD because when they tried to administer the Epidural, my body would shake so hard during contractions I heard the staff murmur in worry (have to be super-still since they’re fiddling around with your spine). But finally it kicked in and Chris was by my side and they started.

It is bloody terrifying, feeling your insides being gutted like a fish, as they open you up in layers. And because a Cesarean was NOT part of our birth plan, we were totally unprepared and I had no idea what to expect (I didn’t even bother reading any material about it). But 20mins later, HUNTER WAS BORN!!!

Hunter came into the world immediately pink-faced and pink-bellied.. and the staff all gasped with “OMG he is so big and fat!” whilst Chris and I stared at him in wonder. I’ve seen birth pics and the newborns are all wrinkled and grey.. but Hunter was pink and all fatty and big. So weird!! I stared at him in shock, thinking “Cripes, I gave birth to a one-month old.”

I lost 9KG (hurray!!!) with his birth, so I have 5kg weight loss to go before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. Hunter is 4.22KG, a bit of a whopper. No wonder I looked so ginormous and would feel more/stronger kicks than normal! His head was elongated and had swollen ridges from my manic pushing, but he was PERFECT. For some reason, he came out very wide-eyed and would just watch people. In his first 2 mins of life, he looked wide-eyed at Chris and the doc checking him over – so cute!

The benefit of having such a big baby is that he’s hella robust. Takes away the fear of handling a fragile newborn because his head doesn’t really loll around (he likes to raise it and look around) and he’s always wide-eyed observing people.

I’m awed and humbled at how a human body can create a perfectly formed human being in 9 months. It’s a pretty incredible feeling, looking at him, and finally seeing him after all these months. And HOW I LOVE HIM SO!!! 🙂

PS. Chris wanted to write in his own birth story too. So check the COMMENTS section below if you wanna read 🙂

Our first family portrait 🙂

With the doctor that delivered Hunter

Me and my lil sugar dumpling

Video of Hunter when he was 10 minutes old!