THE BIRTH OF HUNTER 31 January 2011 in Hunter, Uncategorized

Hunter Burgess Firstly, a big thank you for all your messages over the past few days! Normally I like to reply to comments since I reckon it’s polite to respond to people that make the effort to write.. but as you can imagine, things...

WELCOME, HUNTER BURGESS! 26 January 2011 in Hunter, Pregnancy, Uncategorized

Hunter HanDe(??) Burgess Born: 25 January 2011, 2:30PM Weight: 4.22kg / 9.3lbs Head diameter: 11.7cm / 4.6 inches Length: 54cm / 21.3 inches

OUR BIG BOY 25 January 2011 in Pregnancy, Uncategorized

Apparently I’m now known as one of the hospital’s smallest-sized women that gave birth to one of their largest-sized babies. LOL!

HOSPITAL in Pregnancy, Uncategorized

At the hospital. Waters broke at 5:30am this morning, got to the hospital at 7:30am and was found to be in Active Labour at 5cm dilated. Here we go, wahooooo!!

WHERE’S OUR BABY?? 19 January 2011 in Pregnancy, Uncategorized

Hello world. I AM STILL PREGNANT. Today is the 19th of January and technically my “due date”. And whilst I know that 50% of women pop before and 50% after their due date, I was convinced I’d be in the former group…. so only...