Pregnancy, Uncategorized PREGNANCY: 4D ULTRASOUNDS FTW! 11 October 2010

I was soooo irrationally worried about my prenatal glucose test for Gestational Diabetes this week, because I’d heard of a lot of women that failed and had diabetes during pregnancy. It’s not that bad to have it, and rather common, but there is the potential for complications and you need to change your diet to suit it (eek!) so I was nervous as hell in the past few days leading up to it..

We got to the maternity hospital and I had to down half-a-cup of glucose in one go. Bleuuurgghhhh. Then had to survive on no water for an hour (very difficult for a hydrophile like me) to see if my body could break down all that sugar normally.

The good news is – I got the all clear – NO gestational diabetes *whew*.

During the hour of waiting, to kill time, they let us have another ultrasound, yayyyy!!! I love our hospital. Normally you pay for ultrasounds and the package only comes with a set number included, but so far, they’ve done an ultrasound for us at every single visit (!!) – which they don’t have to and which we are so grateful for, because it’s such a wonderful feeling seeing your baby on the screen 🙂

This time, it was a 4D ultrasound again, which is heaps more fun than the regular version since the baby is in 3D and moves in real time as well. They double-checked the gender (yes, still a boy!) and we watched him wriggle. And boy, did he MOVE! The sugar hit I had also hit him, and he was jumping and bopping around so much my stomach was constantly moving. He was stretching and waving his arms, jiggling/bouncing his legs and fiddling with his face and umbilical cord, scrunching up his face and turning this way and that. It was beyond cute 😛

Lil Mr Pouty Pants

Yes he has crazy-long/thin fingers, ‘cos Chris and I both do!