Pregnancy, Uncategorized WHOOPS I SWALLOWED A MELON! 19 September 2010

One of the amusing things about returning back to Shanghai was seeing all our friends again. Particularly their reaction to seeing me 😛 They were all pretty shocked at how much my belly grew in my a few weeks. I had a fairly flat-ish stomach before getting pregnant, and until Week 19, wasn’t showing very much. Chris and I could tell, but most people couldn’t tell, unless I was wearing tight/belly-hugging clothes and standing in a pregnant way rubbing my belly 😉

But between Week 19 and Week 22 (now), my belly went craaaazy!! It grew at an alarming rate, making me so scared I’d get stretch marks – but thankfully none (yet). Now, it’s WAY obvious I am pregnant, no matter what clothes I wear, LOL.

I absolutely love it.

It’s SO nice to finally have something dead-set obvious to people that I’m pregnant, and it gives me huge peace of mind. When you don’t have many (or any) major pregnancy symptoms, people always say “Ohhhh that’s so lucky!” which I know is true and I feel fortunate about that of course, but what people don’t realise is that it also makes me irrationally nervous/worried. When I didn’t feel obviously pregnant, it was really hard to believe that there was really a baby growing inside me – so it was a bit disappointing and also made me hyper scared something bad had happened.

But all that’s over now because I feel him kicking so strongly (and all the freakin’ time!) and my belly has ballooned. In fact, now I’m a bit nervous – if I’m THIS BIG at just Week 22.. can you imagine what I’ll look like at full term (Week 40)?! Will really be a giant ball of pregnancy like I said in our video announcement a few months ago!! I hope I don’t topple over then 😉

I’m envious at all those tall, thin, celebrities that stand pregnant at full-term and yet still look lithe and slim (except for a big ball of a belly). I would loooooove to be like that, but it’s an impossible case for me as I’m short… and short shows up fat a lot easier so I just end up looking stocky. Nevermind, as long as I lose it all asap afterwards it will be all good. Uhhh… fingers crossed! 😛

At Week 16.. with still a fairly unnoticeable bump to the general public

At Week 22 (now).. looking pretty GIANT already, haha!!