France, Uncategorized EUROTRIP: THE BEAUTIFUL LAVENDER FIELDS 1 September 2010

These, below, are my favourite photos of France. They’re in the Luberon region, South of France. Yes, we’re still on our road trip here 😛

We heard that the area is famous for their lavender fields, and we were there in summertime when the fields would be ablaze with these beautiful purple flowers. It was incredible, seeing all these fields of lavender as we were driving!

I never thought I liked lavender. Never liked the smell. But when it’s fresh lavender in the field? DIVINE!!!! The scent is strong yet subtle all at the same time, and doesn’t have that sharp/pungent odor that lavender-scented store products have.

It was quite a surreal experience seeing and being in those fields, in the South of France. I’ll always remember it 🙂

In our little car, road-tripping around the South of France

The gorgeous lavendar fields!!!

Me ferreting amongst the lavendar

Springs of wild lavender I picked and stuck in the airconditioning vents of our car


My friend, Mr Bumblebee

I’ve set the big version of this photo as my computer desktop background – love it 🙂


Video of me traipsing around the lavendar fields
(colour is weird, and I’m being a bit of a goober – sorry!)

We also stumbled on the Lavender museum along the way, much to our delight. It looked like a small building, but housed an excellent and very informative museum that took us through the history of lavender making up to present-day. Was quite fascinating! We also learned that most lavender products we buy are “lavendin” flower, and not “fine lavender” flowers (which are way more expensive and more difficult to extract the pure lavender oil from). You can read more about the differences here.

We did end up buying a bunch of lavender stuff from the museum – it just smelled so lovely 🙂 And now, I’ll look at lavender-scented products in a completely different perspective!

We stumbled upon the Lavender museum!

Reading up on Lavendar news

After the (cool) museum, in the gift store

A sample lavendar flower press outside

There was a tourbus of Chinese tourists. Chris insisted on taking a pic 😉

Had yummy Lavendar Miel ice cream, famous in the region!