Barcelona, Uncategorized EUROTRIP: SHOPPING IN BARCELONA 8 September 2010

The shopping in Barcelona was….. irresistible! I thought that I’d go mental shopping in Paris, but not so. I did buy those comfy French Repetto heels and my lovely souvenir Longchamp eiffel tower tote and Chris bought me those Chanel earrings for our 1st year anniversary present, as well as those cute baby clothes…. errrr.. now that I type it all down I guess we DID end up buying stuff in France! OK, nevermind πŸ˜›

The point is…. I didn’t feel like I was tempted to buy lots of stuff, and frankly I thought I’d spend a small fortune. So anyway, was pretty happy we didn’t drain our bank account or anything in France.

But in Barcelona… oh my! I could’ve easily bought just about everything in sight. Most of all, the CLOTHES. For some reason, the fashion, styles and fit really suited me… exactly what I like, and they had my size too. I loved it. Just about every little cheap chain store, every expensive boutique, I adored. If I was uber rich and not pregnant, I probably would’ve tried to buy entire stores worth of merchandise πŸ˜‰

Luckily, I am pregnant, and I also have this liiiiiittle weird idiosyncrasy where if I am faced with TOO many things I want to buy, I end up buying… NOTHING. I know, go figure. I just find that when I am exposed to too many nice things I want, something in me shuts down – my brain tells me “Erm, you want everything and you can’t decide on just 1 thing to buy. You don’t want to waste money buying everything. So step away slowly.”

So yes, I ended up coming away with not a huge loads of clothes, which I was happy with… and it even surprised Chris, heh. He kept saying “You sure you don’t want to see more? You’re not gonna buy that?” etc. I was happy. I saved money!

This shop was so cute, had tons of Hello Kitty, Disney, etc etc clothing

Two little pieces I bought

Big-ish Mango tops that I can wear when I’m bigger…

A shopping-time snack – yummy waffle *smothered* in Nutella :)~

In one of the (many) little shops of the Barri GΓ²tic area

An old school coffee roasting machine that they also roast nuts in, we bought a bunch!

OKAY there is actually a really REALLY big purchase I made in Barcelona (though if you watched the video below you’ll hear Chris mention it!)………. but I will save that for the very end since it deserves it’s own special post πŸ˜›