France, Uncategorized EUROTRIP: ONE OF THE MOST STUNNING MEALS EVER 1 September 2010

Sometimes, I reckon Chris and I just have the this freakin’ random and AMAZING luck when it comes to hunting down food πŸ˜›

Because the French village of Sault is so small, we weren’t sure if the food there was any good and even if it was, we didn’t know which one was the best one. Yes, we don’t just go randomly eating at places – we plan it in advance so we know we’re going to the yummiest of places. Gotta get biggest bang for our stomach space and all!

We went to a little Tourist Information area and the lady pointed out a little restaurant that was listed as having 2 Michelin stars (!!!) so we immediately decided on that one. Getting there, though, was another matter. It was SO tucked away we were driving down little dirt tracks in the countryside, going “Errrmmm you SURE this is right?” to each other every minute or so. Finally, at the end of the winding, deserted, dirt road…. we saw a big opening and a few low brick buildings up ahead. It was like stepping into a another world.

Le Regain (Route de Saint Trinit, 84390 Sault) is its name and it offers spacious, peaceful, outstanding gastronomy above the Sault highland.

And, oh!, we thought we had walked straight into Heaven.

The restaurant looks like it was created in a home (it probably was), with a large central area and smaller rooms off to the side. The decor is warm and cozy, the service exceedingly polite and impeccable. But it”s the outdoor terrace that took our breath away. Facing Mont Ventoux, the scattered tables were set out for diners to enjoy the colourful sunset and enjoy the balmy mountain breeze. The surroundings are so tranquil, and scented with fresh lavender (from the fields). Looking down, there’s lavender and petit Γ©peautre creating a purple and gold patchwork through the valleys. It’s breathtaking.

We’re amazed to see that during the course of our meal, every table is filled with well-dressed, high-brow diners (we were the only ones casually dressed there), despite the restaurant being in such a remote area. Every diner was French, zero tourists, which convinced us we had stumbled upon a real local gem πŸ™‚

Interestingly, the menu changes daily, based on chef Yves Gattechaut’s creativity and the availability of fresh produce in the region. There is only ONE thing EVERY diner can order – degustation. Well! That certainly made us rather gleeful πŸ˜› “2 degustations, please!”, we said happily.

And so we proceeded to kick back, watch the setting sun on top of a French lavender-scented mountain, and served a stunning degustation meal. It truly felt like I was in a movie. The beauty of the surroundings, the amazing food, the gorgeous restaurant…. it was all quite surreal. We simply couldn’t believe our good fortune at having stumbled upon this treasure, and it was THIS meal that was the most memorable meal we had in all of France.

I wish I could’ve captured the scent, weather, and atmosphere of the place.. it was truly amazing. Kicking myself now for not having at least taken a video! Well, these photos will have to suffice….. πŸ™‚

If you are in France, and in particular the South of France, you must visit Le Regain. It’s the stuff of dreams and so beautiful it’ll leave you wanting to go back again. We certainly do!

The hidden Le Regain in the outskirts of the village of Sault in South of France

Looking like a cozy cottage on the inside

Enjoying a quiet dinner overlooking the mountains

A wonderful romantic dinner!

Assorted amuse bouche

Mise en Palais

Oeuf du jour cuit minute a l’infusion de dimant noir
Accompagne de creme d’epeautre escalope de foie gras poele chapeaute de prunes vertes au marc d’elegat

Filet de rouget cuit a l’unilateral pose sur une creme de petit pois au london

Paleron de veau roti au four puis cuit vapeur son jus de cuisson tomate et infusion de tilleul

Emulsion de fromage de chevre a l’huile d’olive vierge de monsieur ravaute

Faisselle aux fruits rouge ou a la farigoul

Douceur du val de sault

The beautiful sunset

Happy belly, happy baby πŸ™‚