Pregnancy, Uncategorized PREGNANCY WEEK 7 – 15 5 August 2010

So below is my record of Months 2 – 4, basically from the day we found out 🙂

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Week 7 (2 – 8 June):

MOMENTOUS. For the first time in my entire lift, I sat on a toilet and stuck a pregnancy test under me as I peed. So surreal. Popped the cap back on the tester wand and stuck it all back in its foil wrapper, then placed it on the counter. Chris and I cuddled and chatted in bed before he got up exactly 6 minutes later to check. He brought it in and I knew he peeked first, because his face with an irrepressible, massive grin said it all.

I was delighted, but not shocked. Surprised it happened so quickly though, is that normal?! I already had a hunch.. it was weird, but I just felt ‘different’. I haven’t had full-blown morning sickness (whew), but I’ve been absolutely ravenous and keep eating throughout the day, but I guess I already eat more than the average female so it’s not THAT obvious to everyone.

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Week 8 (9 – 15 June):

1st prenatal visit. We did an ultrasound! The fetus is just about to start on the 8th week and is almost 1.6CM and the heart is beating at 150 beats per minute. It was a heart-stopping moment when we saw the heartbeat, clear and beating so rapidly on the ultrasound. One of the most memorable moments in my life, ever. And the look on Chris’ face as he held my hand and looked between the ultrasound machine and me… 🙂 I’m 8 weeks, due 23 Jan 2011 🙂

I’m really grateful I’m not experiencing the bad parts of pregnancy (nausea/morning sickness).. yet? My main 2 symptoms are incredible HUNGER and I get tired easily. My food-intake has increased by about 50%, it’s starting to freak Chris out because I’m hungry all the time. My body is processing food in around 2 hours, so even though I may have a full 3-course meal, 2 hours later it’s as if I haven’t eaten all day. Really worried about the insatiable appetite because it just means I’m going to become a humongous pregnant person, argh. Also, by 10PM every night, I have to go to bed because I’m so sleepy my eyelids can’t stay open.

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Week 9 (16 – 22 June):
Chris is in Seattle this week and I was worried about my Tantou Island beach holiday without him. Had to be super careful about what I ate (brought a bunch of my own food) and it was SO hard to refrain from the alcohol! But I think it all went ok.. It was really fun but in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have gone considering The first 3 months of a pregnancy are the most critical, where all the organs are forming etc. It also prevented me from fully enjoying myself because I was really concerned about my well-being most of the time. Well… in future I know to stay away from activities like this when I’m pregnant 😉
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Week 10 (23 – 29 June):

So far I’ve gone from 45KG to 46.5KG (102lbs). The extra weight shows. Plus, my belly is pooching out already. I am NOT supposed to show until I’m 5 months I reckon, not so early! Scary. I suspect it’s because I have such a thin/narrow torso and I’m a short-ass, so there’s just nowhere for the baby and uterus (currently at the size of a grapefruit) to go, so it has to pooch out. But still. It’s frustrating and a bit sad that whilst women don’t show this early, I do.

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Week 11 (30 June – 6 July):

My appetite is OFF THE CHARTS, it’s scaring me. One day, I actually ordered 2 lunch meals, thinking I’d eat half of each and save the other halves for the next day. Instead, I ate BOTH. Eep…

Fortunately though, I haven’t experienced any nausea or morning sickness, nor excessive fatigue (apart from wanting to go to bed about half-to-one hour earlier than usual), nor any of the bad side effects. By and large, I feel as if I’m not pregnant at all. I have to keep reminding myself that I am blessed and this is a GOOD thing, because a small part of me does wish I’d feel something – anything!!

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Week 12 (7 – 13 July):

2nd prenatal appointment. We saw the baby stretch and kick around, give us a *high five*, then roll over and show its butt to us before promptly falling asleep. Did the tests to check chromosomal deformatives (tested negative, whew) and length is 5.42CM from head to bum. It was pretty jaw-dropping seeing all the hands and feet moving around and hearing the heartbeat 🙂 Doc was super impressed with Chris and asked “Do you have a medical background?” ‘cos he was so familiar with all the measurements to look for, and all the medical terms, tests, etc. LOL! Very proud of him.

We broke the good news to all our relatives and some close friends this week too. Another BIG milestone for us, because now, everything becomes very, very real….

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Week 13 (14 – 20 July):

This week, our baby can hear my voice (but not external sounds yet). Apart from a small bump, only noticeable after I’ve eaten and it’s later in the day, I still don’t have any other major pregnancy symptoms and I suppose I won’t expect to from here on out, since symptoms really only occur in the 1st trimester. It means I’m always wondering if I’m really pregnant and there’s actually a baby growing in there, because there’s no real evidence! I’ve been careful in everything I do/eat, and Chris has been HYPER aware and monitoring every single thing I do (he is just amazing) so fingers crossed everything is progressing just fine.

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Week 14 (21 – 27 July):

We are officially in our 2nd trimester 🙂 Not much has changed, though my pants are tight at the waist so I tend to wear dresses or skirts now. My tummy’s pretty flat in the morning, but gets a slight bulge by the end of the day – probably more from food than actual baby 😛

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Week 15 (28 July – 3 August):

Mum and Dad are in Shanghai which is nice, first time seeing them since getting pregnant! Belly has officially popped – definitely no hiding it now. Had our doctor’s appointment and we got to see the little baby again, jiggling around and happy as a clam. It was all kinds of awesome 🙂

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