HOLIDAYS, Tantou Island, Uncategorized TANTOU ISLAND: heading home 22 June 2010

We had a really nice time in Tantou Island, despite some of the craziness we experienced. I had a lot of fun making friends with people in my group, they’re a great bunch. They do say adversity brings you together, and it’s true 😉 And though I wouldn’t do it again (I have to admit I do like my little luxuries), I’m really glad I went, because it was hella fun and such an experience. If you’re into camping-type holidays and aren’t too prissy, I would recommend this trip.

My only regret? Chris was in the USA on a business trip, so he couldn’t come with me. It would’ve made it 3 times better and I would’ve said I loved the trip then, because I love any where when I’m with Chris 🙂 He makes everything seem so much better and more interesting, and it was his absence that probably made me a little snarkier with it than I would normally be.

Our final meal was back on the mainland, after the boat trip. It was a Chinese lunch (AGAIN!!) and a few of us thought we would faint with yet another Chinese meal, so we legged it to KFC. Funny, because my first meal of the trip was also KFC, whilst we were driving there.. because I suspected it would be non-stop Chinese food, so I made sure I stuffed myself silly with fried chicken beforehand 😉 It tasted EVEN BETTER on the way home, because we were feeling so food-deprived. Deep fried chicken…… fries…… OHNOMNOMNOM!!!!

At breakfast, which was very random each day
(basically whatever food we could scrounge up)

Crowded round the breakfast table

After relaxing a bit and packing our bags, it was a short walk out to the pebble beach

More goats!

Our little boat arrives

Wait, you want me to climb up this shaky plank?!?! *gulps*

Back on the mainland, we saw some FREAKY creatures that people eat

As well as live octopus, eeeekkk!!

A whole array of… stuff I couldn’t quite identify

So a few of us settled for the “safe” option instead 😛

Driving back to Shanghai. The boy liked his bright pink pillow 😉

A group shot of everyone. Can ya spot me? 😛