HOLIDAYS, Tantou Island, Uncategorized TANTOU ISLAND: campfire 22 June 2010

One of the nights on Tantou Island was campfire night. I was really excited since I’ve never had a campfire on the beach, ever! And the weather was lovely for it – pretty cool with an ocean breeze, so it was perfect feeling the fire in our faces and warming us up.

Our own personal MacGyver (a crazy Canadian) did the whole camp fire shebang, whilst the rest of us pretended to look really busy, but really all we did was stand around and gawk 😉 Impressively, he really got the fire started and we all gathered around to chat and drink. Probably the best part of the trip, because it was really unique since I’ve never done anything like this before, and because the weather was terrific for it.

Most hilarious part? When they dug this MASSIVE hole in the sand, threw in huge rocks at the bottom (heated by place them on the camp fire), and covered it all up with twigs and mats. Basically a sort of sauna/sweat lodge. It looked kinda horrific, to be honest 😉 But the guys loved it and clambered in. I’m honestly surprised nobody passed out from the steam and heat in there, and there were no serious injuries from the red-hot rocks at the bottom of the pit (they sat around it, but one slip and they’d fall right onto those rocks). Craziness!!

Dinner time!

Us girls 🙂

One of the Americans singing a Chinese song. He was fluent! *impressed*

After dinner, the boys got to work building our camp fire

It was cave man style 😉

Let there be light!

Around the campfire

Relaxing and enjoying the warmth (the beach got much cooler at night)

Words fail me………

Hey look, it’s “lao ban” again!

The guys made a HUGE hole, filled it up with red hot rocks and made a “sauna”

Who would be CRAZY enough to get in this torture chamber? These people.

Even “lao ban” got in, lol!!!