FASHION, Jewellery, Uncategorized INSPIRATIONAL BANGLE 4 June 2010

This was a total impulse purchase whilst I was in Macy’s in San Jose, in the Valley Fair Mall just at Santana Row. I was just wandering around the jewelery section and saw these Inspirational jewelry. It was a whole bunch of various jewelery, but the bangles attracted me the most. My favourite one that immediately caught my eye was a delicate inspirational bangle with really lovely sayings around it:

Choose this moment
Dream Big
Love Life
Be Brave
Dare to be different

For such a wee bracelet, they sure managed to squeeze in a lot of phrases and little pictures! I love it because it sums up a lot of the phrases I live and believe in, and I like the thought of being able to read it and remind myself to count my blessings any time I feel down or stressed. It was US$80 but it was discounted to about $30 or so, what a bargain 😀

The quality is really good, considering it’s really thin and delicate. Best of all, I can clamp/squeeze it so the ends touch and it manages to fit my 5″ wrist, so it’s very customisable 🙂 Just a nice little thing that I keep on my wrist 24/7, I wear it next to my Tiffany & Co silver cuff ‘cos the contrast of weight and size feels nice and it makes a nice ‘clinking’ sound when I move 🙂