Food reviews - USA, San Jose, Uncategorized USA: KIRK’S STEAKBURGERS 27 May 2010

I wasn’t actually going to make any more USA-related posts.. since it’s just not the same without photos! But I think THIS one deserves a post on it’s own.

Two words: Kirk’s Steakburgers.

Apart from In-n-Out, my other favourite burger joint (helloooo Animal-style burger and fries!), Kirk’s Steakburgers is a MUST-GO place for me whenever I’m in the Bay Area. Their website says “Do you remember your first Kirk’s Steakburger?” and you know what? I DO REMEMBER!! It really is that iconic.

Just the thought of their burgers makes me quiver in delight. I just can’t help myself, these burgers are awesome!!! Fat and juicy, and the meat tastes like no other. Plus, I love how they have a whole condiments bar so after you get your burger, you can pile tons of condiments on top of it before chowing down.

Plus, their garlic fries are fantastic, as are their skinny onion strings. Deep fried to a satisfying crisp, they’re packed with flavour and once you start, you just can’t stop 😉 Love love love.

My standard order, that I get each and every time?

1 steakburger with cheddar cheese
1 garlic fries and onion strings combo
1 root beer

And you know what? I think that would be my choice for my “last meal”.

Me, in utter bliss, at Kirk’s Steakburgers 🙂
(taken by colleague with his iPhone)