HOLIDAYS, Huangshan, Uncategorized HUANGSHAN: sunrise on the mountain 9 May 2010

We did something craaazy whilst at Huangshan Mountain. Decided to get up to watch the sunrise over the mountains. It’s basically THE thing to do whilst you’re up on the mountain, and tons of guests at the hotels on the mountain top also go and watch the sunrise.

We got up at the INSANE time of 4:30AM, all bleary eyed and looking like crap 😉 Everyone else got changed but because I am *ahem* special, I refused to and went out in my pajamas 😉 I figured I could just throw a jacket on top and be all good!

We staggered outside in the early morning chill and made our way to one of the vantage points. We actually got there earlier than most people and so had an awesome spot and view. Hurray! Chinese locals are insanely eager-beaver and like to be THE FIRST ONE for anything, so I was really surprised we were there earlier than others. It was fairly crowded but nothing terrible (no pushing or shoving), but what was pretty awful was that they were NOISY!! Non-stop yakking away. You’d think that to experience such a special occasion, people would be quiet and appreciate the view. But nope, lots of yakking and someone even started playing Chinese music full-blast on their mobile phone. Really quite rude of them but there was nothing we could do 🙁

Absurd behaviour aside, we tried to block out as much as we could and just focus on the sunrise before us. It really was gorgeous. Quite amazing to see the sky progressively get lighter in a myriad of pretty colours, and then the sun peek out and rise upwards, a glowing ball of light. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a sunrise, let alone from the mountain top in clean, fresh air. I loved it 🙂

The moon amongst the trees

In the forest, at 5:00AM

Beautiful colours of pre-sunrise

Getting brighter

A peek of the sun

Glowing ball of light

Almost didn’t post this.. generally NOT a fan of posting no-makeup,
wakeup-at-4:30AM photos of myself 😉 But it’s a hilarious photo all
round – Us looking zonked. Sulky guy on the far left. Dazed girl
on the right. Shifty-eyed guy on the far right. Haha!

Check out my sexy outfit of pajamas and overcoat… LOL

The risen sun

Me talking away (sound v dull cos I was half asleep!) and video-ing of the scene

Guess which one’s me?

*SMOOCH* Good morning