Uncategorized MAX THE ELECTRIC MOTORBIKE 27 April 2010

We got an electric motorbike!!

They’re all the rage in Shanghai. It’s basically like a little Vespa, but using electricity instead of petrol. The benefit is that it’s really silent and re-chargeable, and anyone and everyone can ride one. It’s really easy to use, just twist the handlebar and you go zooming off!

We decided on a cute little number, with a bright blue finish. It seats both of us comfortably, so we can use it to/from casual dinners and on weekends. And soon, I may start riding it to/from work… because it means I don’t need my driver any more which will save a TON of money.

Chris hoons around like a pro, but I’m a real chicken. I can’t help but *squeal* like a really annoying little girl when I’m riding it by myself, and have my legs splayed out (instead of propped up in front of me). I don’t know why!!! I get so nervous with people around and there are a LOT of people, bikes and cars in Shanghai. Well, practise makes perfect 😉

The bike’s name is MAX. Because it’s a lot easier than saying “electric motorbike” and because it looks like a MAX 😛

MAX in Carrefour


Love the bright colour

Chris takes MAX for a hoon around the area

Riding home. It was after Boxing class, hence why we look so exhausted