HOLIDAYS, Sanya, Uncategorized SANYA: ENJOYING THE BEACH 27 March 2010

The Banyan Tree resort is situated on the beach in Sanya. Thankfully, most of the large hotels have their own private beach (at least that’s what I heard, correct me if I’m wrong?). A very good thing because quite a few people told me that the public beaches are quite weird – filled with locals that stare at you cavorting around in your swimwear, and is a far cry from the lush holiday atmosphere that people want. The Banyan Tree private beach, in contrast, is completely devoid of people. It was actually quite an odd sight!

The skies were bright blue and the water so clear, and the sand soft and clean. Yet, save for 2 cabanas with people in them, no one was in or near the water. I suppose not many people are staying at the Banyan Tree, hence you get the beach allll to yourself. It was a little surreal, since we’re so used to having tons of people around us in Shanghai and being jostled and pushed around. It felt quite.. vulnerable having not a soul around!

At the resort, walking out to the Banyan Tree’s private beach

On the day bed. It was so quiet!

I LOVED the lack of people around 🙂

Getting our feet wet in the crystal clear waters

Hooray for 2nd honeymoons!!

It was a fantastic way to celebrate Chris’ birthday… fully recommended if you’re after a romantic getaway with barely any people around and top-notch service. Just remember not to be a dummy like me, and use sunblock so you don’t get sunburnt. On our honeymoon last year, I burnt my butt. This time, it was my shoulder. Grrr!

A very SORE, red shoulder. YES I know I’m wearing mismatched swimmers,
no need to point that out! I was too lazy to pack properly, okayyyy….

Close-up, it was hard to capture the redness. It was paaainfulll.. *grumbles*
But at least now it’s faded down to a nice tan, whew 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love of my life 🙂
Every day is a holiday with you.. xoxo