FASHION, HOLIDAYS, Japan, Uncategorized JAPAN: THE CLOTHING 3 March 2010

Bought a bunch of clothes whilst in Japan, but I haven’t photographed it all, ‘cos too lazy and it’s not that interesting anyway 😛 But here’s some, because it’s quite typical of Japanese fashion (which, really, is just super-short skirts to show off your legs).. I bought the stuff below ‘cos it was all just so cute, and very reasonably priced!

And… well, I also bought ’em because I felt so horrendously daggy and ginormous amongst the hot little Japanese girls everywhere. So I felt compelled to buy their cute clothes – to try and tap their awesome fashion energy 😛

A shimmery soft dress in mint-green and white. Baggy, so very comfortable!

Closer-up pic

LOVE this military-style winter jacket. It’s super thick and warm.

A super-thin and soft dress

Floaty Alannah-Hill-style patchwork dress