Charity, Uncategorized SCAA ADOPTION DAY 12 February 2010

The Second Change Animal Aid held an Adoption Day that I really wanted to support. It’s the same organisation that I volunteered with during the animal home visit a few weeks ago, but the purpose of this particular event is different.. as it’s cats and dogs that are ready for adoption to good families.

It’s held, oddly, in O’Malley’s, which is a pub in the middle of Shanghai. I can’t believe it would allow animals in there, since the cats are placed in large cages on top of the tables! It would never fly in Australia. Only in China 😉 The animals were just gorgeous… such soft fur and some of the cats had such sweet personalities I fell in love. I REALLY wanted to adopt one! But we can’t have a 3rd pet cos it would be chaos, and I don’t think Misty and Star’s little hearts could handle the shock of a foreign animal living with them.

Quite a few animals got adopted by great families though, which was wonderful to see. But at the end of the day, I wish people would stop dumping their pets once they’ve grown out of their kitty/puppy stage – then there wouldn’t even be the need to hold adoption days like these!

In the cozy O’Malley’s

Me stroking an ultra sweet kitty

Dotty, cute dog!

Cats with super super soft fur..