BRUNCH @ ISSIMO 18 November 2009 in Food reviews - Shanghai, Uncategorized

Issimo 2/F, 931 Nanjing Xi Lu (????931?2?) Shanghai, China PRICE: ????? RATING: This hidden away gem sits within the chic doors of JIA Boutique Hotel. Issimo is helmmed by celebrity chef Salvatore Cuomo and boasts Italian/Western fare. It’s a wonderful place to escape to...

COOKING CLASS AFTERMATH 16 November 2009 in Friends, Parties, Uncategorized

Extra pics from my girl friend’s camera! Kinda like a continuation of my previous post… A happy snap. At least we look normal here. Here? Not so.. Chris looks veeeery shifty eyed here HOLY CRAP!!! I insisted this guy stand up so I could...


My Local Store is an online grocery store that specialises in fresh produce delivered right to your door. It’s fabulous for lazy people like me, especially when the weather is horrific outside. Last week, it was balmy and warm, and this week we’ve had...

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Hello, world.

CITY WEEKEND 15 November 2009 in Food reviews, Living in... Shanghai, Uncategorized

My review of Haiku by Hatsune appeared in Shanghai’s ‘City Weekend’ magazine.. I wasn’t told, so it was a bit surprising when I was flipping through the pages and suddenly saw my face staring right back at me, *lol*!