Food reviews - Shanghai, Uncategorized MOON’S STEAKHOUSE 9 November 2009

Moon’s Steakhouse
1 Yuyuan Lu (???1?)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: ?????

It’s not particularly easy to get a good ‘ol steak in China. You pretty much can only find it in fine-dining restaurants.. very very few casual/cheap places have steak, and if they do, you best stay away from it 😉 And so we decided to treat ourselves at Moon’s Steakhouse.

Moon’s Steakhouse is a lovely, luxe restaurant with fantastic service (the manager was a total dream) and beautifully plush sofas to relax on. The menu’s fairly limited, but it’s not a problem because you’re on there for one thing – their steaks!

We appreciated the bread basket at the start, though it would have been great served with a soft herb butter, instead of (or accompanied with) the salsa and yoghurt dips.

we decided to start off with the Seafood Chowder soup and Minestrone soup, which was a very good idea because we had to wait ONE HOUR for our steaks to arrive. It was unbelievable, and had me quite irate. I would have expected the waitress to warn us or at least apologise, but nada. The soups came out really quickly and so left us with a long and prolonged 1 hour wait. Both soups were nice, but nothing spectacular. They, strangely, came out in small cheap-bistro-style cups… not in a large wide bowl or served with some garlic bread. Tres odd, especially since they were not cheap!

So after that 1 hour wait, our steaks finally came. They were just blissful. They’re a steakhouse and yep, they do steaks brilliantly. I had the Prosciutto Wrapped Filet Mignon topped with Bearnaise, which was beautifully charred on the outside and tender on the inside. I loved it 🙂 They are very VERY expensive though, more than what you’d even pay in Australia! We had a 1-for-1 deal, which made it worth it, but otherwise the regular price is pretty painful.

Still, a great (and very filling) dinner and so happy to have had our steak fix!

Bread basket

Seafood Chowder soup and Minestrone soup

Gorgeous, heavy and supersharp knife

Prosciutto Wrapped Filet Mignon topped with Bearnaise – amazing!