Food reviews - Shanghai, Uncategorized RENDEZVOUS 26 September 2009

1515 Nanjing Xi Lu
Shanghai, China

PRICE: ???

Had a Singaporean meetup in Shanghai… very cool because we got a chance to check out a Singaporean restaurant, w00t! It was with a whole bunch of SIngaporeans, so it really felt like we were in SG, haha. Happily, the people were great – met a lot of cool folk and some ultra adorable kiddies (that were so young they could barely hold stuff properly, and they were using adult-sized chopsticks to eat!! Too cute!)

The decor’s a bit plain and run down, I suppose similiar to the not-so-fancy restaurants you see around Singapore, so in that sense it’s authentic 😛 The owner, a Singaporean, is totally hilarious and the staff were really friendly and helpful.. despite our 44-person group (!) causing quite the commotion in the restaurant.

Their food’s very very decent too. Some of the dishes were fantastic, others were fine, but still gave us a wonderful taste of Singapore. Favourite dish?


Mee pok (flat egg noodles with mince pork and fish cake) –
cripes this was AWESOME, so so so tasty and spicy!

Hokkien mee – would have preferred a thicker and more flavourful gravy, but still good!


Hainan Chicken Rice – pretty good! A nice big portion too, score

Chae Tow Kway – the flavour was excellent, but it was a little slushy

Curry puff – awesome, it was like Old Chang Kee’s in Singapore!

Chris happily tucks in

And then it was… popiah buffet time!!

Man it was PERFECT. Wish they’d rolled ’em for us though, I sucked at it 😉

Onde onde for dessert – by Chris request. He said he prefers it when the
palm sugar insides are all liquidy, this one was a bit more solid

Teh tarik (Singapore tea) and kopi (Singapore coffee)

Well fed 🙂