eBay, FOOD, Uncategorized TEAM DINNER @ BALI LAGUNA 30 July 2009

So Bali Laguna was not somewhere I’d want to go back, considering our horrid experience when Chris and I went a few months earlier. However, we were trying to figure out a place that we could have a team dinner / Bev’s wedding celebration before I left for Singapore, and we picked it as it was fairly close, had a lovely view, and wasn’t Chinese food. Was a bit hesitant when we got there and didn’t have high hopes for the place, but they completely blew us away – all of us were so impressed with the food. It was all really tasty, well cooked, and totally delicious. The portions, however, are way too small – basically single serves – which made it impossible to share amongst everyone.

We were lucky to have the private room, a little tucked away niche, so we could sit for ages and chat. It was great having a dinner with the team, since we don’t do that very often.. and they even gave Chris and I really sweet wedding gifts! A lovely night, and so happy Bali Laguna has picked up its socks and changed for the better…

Bali Laguna

My adorable Hello Kitty cream cake!

Our whole team