Charity, Uncategorized VOLUNTEERING @ SHANGHAI YOUNG BAKERS 21 May 2009

We volunteered at the Shanghai Young Bakers charity event, which showcases the great work (and the leaps and bounds) these young bakers have made. They’re young orphans in Shanghai, whom have been placed into this charity which coaches them into becoming professional bakers. It’s a particularly great charity because it equips these young people with skills that they can use to find jobs, and I think it really helps settle them into society. It’s a great initiative and I was really proud to be part of it.

The day started off with setting up and sitting around, a slow start because almost everyone had trouble finding the place! First the sponsors arrived and then it was open to the rest of the public. The Young Bakers served up awesome fresh croissants and pastries throughout – they were delicious 🙂 And co-incidentally, Channel ICS were filming there as well! Same channel that I was on the other day. So it would have been screened at some point but I forgot to ask when, so never saw it 😛

Shanghai Young Bakers

In our volunteer tshirts!

A little blurb about what the charity does

Entrance to the exhibition

The Young Bakers

Milling around

Just outside the exhibition, greeting guests

…and pimping for more people to volunteer their time 😛

Check it, they’ve got stores all round China!

Another stand that we were volunteering at – Children of Madaifu

At the charity organisation’s evening drinks @ Kuluska restaurant/bar