FOOD, My recipes, Uncategorized MEATBALL & CHEESE PASTA BAKE 5 May 2009

Felt like cooking for dinner – Western food specifically, since it’s crazy overpriced here (5-10x the price of noodles, and hello, they’re practically the same thing peoples!). I get grumpy every time we go out and I order pasta, and it’s pretty mediocre yet costs a ton in comparison. Total meh. So I opened up the fridge, and grabbed whatever I could find inside to throw a meal together. So it was all rather random, but hey, it worked! πŸ˜‰

Toss mushrooms in butter, garlic and parsley until slightly tender

Add cream, mixed herbs and Ikea meatball flavouring sachet

Bake Ikea meatballs for 10 mins

Add mushroom sauce and meatballs to cooked pasta (I also added in some mixed frozen veg).
Top with cheese and bake for 10 mins until melted and brown & crispy on top

Meatball and Cheese pasta bake – awesome comfort food

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