Friends, Parties, Uncategorized DRINKS @ NOVA 27 May 2009

After our Chinese Cooking Workshop class, a couple of us lingered on and decided to go down the road for a drink. Nova, a French bar/restaurant, was suggested by yours truly, since it’s right outside where I live 😛 It’s a cozy little spot for a drink, with a relaxed restaurant and bar area downstairs, and a pool table and lounge upstairs. We bought a couple of bottles of wine and settled down for a girly chat.

That didn’t last for long, since there was a group of French and Spanish folk sitting next to us that soon befriended us. And so it became a much bigger ‘drinks night’ than anticipated and we even got the staff in on the action 😉 They were a real sport, until we edged past their closing hours and it was obvious they were trying to kick us out, but no one wanted to move – even with me (and my guilty complex) urging everyone to move on! I felt sorry for the staff, it was super late and they were obviously tired, but had to wait until all of us left and then they could clean up before heading home. At least we spent a ton there on wine, so I hope that made up for it 😛

Was a fun, and unexpectedly long, night.

The moody interior of Nova

Started off as a quiet drink..

….with the girls…

….then the French and Spanish guys start edging over to our table *lol*

Was French wine galore!

Lately, I’ve grown a lot, you see

We said “take it from above! with us at an angle!” so we could appear skinner 😉

Having a great time out with girl friends

The Frenchie looks pretty pleased with himself 😛