Mobile phone pic 27 February 2009 in Uncategorized

Honey nut cheerios and banana for breakfast whilst reading the Shanghai Daily. A good start to the day!

PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA 26 February 2009 in FOOD, Food reviews, Uncategorized

Papa John’s Lower Ground, Raffles City 268 Xizang Road Shanghai, China ???– Was keen to check out a pizza joint that’s close to our service apartment… and Papa John’s looked really promising because they’re a large chain around Shanghai. Something odd I have to...

Mobile phone pic 24 February 2009 in Ferrets, Uncategorized

Finally in their fave position, curled up on my lap. Goodnight world..

Mobile phone pic in Ferrets, Uncategorized

Lil Miss Sticky Out Tongue!

Mobile phone pic in Ferrets, Uncategorized

Fuzzie #2 gets in on the snuggle action..