FOOD, Living in... Singapore, Uncategorized LEE TONG KEE IPOH HOR FUN 6 March 2007

Lee Tong Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun
278 South Bridge Road

Apparently Lee Tong Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun (what a mouthful!) was one of the first places that brought Ipoh Hor Fun to Singapore. Who knows if that’s true, but I like the place because it’s air-conditioned and has a really old-school feel to it, like you just stepped back a century in time. There was a doddery old lady at the back, wrapping up wontons from scratch! It wasn’t too crowded when we went, fortunately. The lady that served us was really pleasant and our food arrived in record time.
What’s special about this place is that their home-made hor fun is divine. Flat rice noodles, theirs is particularly silky and smooth. Often, the gravy can be too starchy or salty, but theirs was creamy-smooth with a lovely light flavour. I was delighted that the chicken was tender and and the prawns were sweet, though I wish there was a little more of it! Their prices are slightly more expensive than usual, but considering it’s restaurant-style and fab quality, it’s worth it!

Lee Tong Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun

Prawn Wanton Soup (SG$6.00)

Special Hor Fun with Chicken & Prawns (SG$3.80)

K.L. Style Hor Fun (SG$4.20)

Beef Hor Fun (SG$4.40)

Peanut Cream dessert

Home-made Barley (SG$1.50) and Ice Ipoh White Coffee (SG$2.80)