FOOD, Living in... Singapore, Uncategorized GOLDEN ROOSTER, KENNY ROGERS 23 December 2006

Golden Rooster
Coronation Plaza

Golden Rooster is a fave of mine. Just down the road from where we live (in Singapore, that is.. since it IS kinda far from my Australian home), it caters for the student crowd since there are schools nearby – it means the food is super cheap and tasty! A trip to Singapore is not complete without a visit to Golden Rooster. I mentioned this a few months ago when I last went on my previous SG trip, but the service is… crap. Just typical Singaporean hawker style service, so don’t expect fine-dining sweetness 😉 But the food is good, so I won’t complain.

Had my standard Lemon Chicken with Rice and Coleslaw, it’s consistently a winner! The chicken is juicy on the inside but fried crisp on the outside.. and the rice is lightly chickeny-flavoured. It’s delicious :)~ Also had some of mum’s Curry Chicken with Beans and Rice. The spice in it sent me through the roof, but it was super tasty :)~ The chicken was really tender and the beans were yum!

Adjourned downstairs to “Cosy Corner” where I discovered the best popiah I’ve had so far. OK OK, granted, I’ve only eaten popiah twice in Singapore (and this was the second), but it really was good! Despite being super expensive (SG$2 for one), the popiah skin was lightly chewy and perfect, and the ingredients had these little ‘crispies’ in them – perhaps deep fried onion and garlic? Anyhow, it was REALLY REALLY good :)~

Lemon Chicken with Rice and Coleslaw (SG$3)

Curry Chicken with Beans and Rice (SG$3)

Popiah (SG$2)

Kenny Rogers Roasters
Great World City

I’m a huge fan of Kenny Rogers Roasters, that all-American grill house that has chains all over Singapore (but unfortunately not in Australia). The food’s always so satisfying and meaty :)~ Plus, I love how you can choose 2 sides with your main meal, and that it comes with a delicious warm corn muffin. So awesome!

We hit Kenny Rogers Roasters straight after my Lasik surgery on my right eye.. so I couldn’t see very well but fortunately still had the stomach to eat 😉 Ended up chowing down on some Honey-Bourbon Barbecue Ribs which really hit the spot. Though the ribs in Singapore generally aren’t as meaty and massive as Australia, which is a shame. Also had some Marinated Wood-Fired Chicken which looked fairly lonesome and miserable on the plate, but was tender and delish.

Sides were:
Coleslaw: I’m always a big fan of coleslaw ever since I started learning how to eat veg. Unfortunately, it’s not very healthy 🙁
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: Mmmm… ahhhhh… so luscious and creamy!
Corn Nibblets in Butter Sauce: My favourite side dish here. Perfection.
Chicken & Onion Soup: A bit thick, but still good, with big slices of chicken
Steamed Vegetables: Errrr…. not very exciting.
And a nice chilled Iced Tea.

Honey-Bourbon Barbecue Ribs

Marinated Wood-Fired Chicken

Side dishes

Afternoon tea was at the new(ish) Botanic Gardens food court.. where I finally got my Roti Prata! Had a Cheese & Onion Roti Prata, which is also Chris’ fave 😛 It was more expensive than the plain roti prata ($1.20 VS $0.70) but so worth it. It’s much, much larger and stuffed with cheese and onion.. and you break it off in chunks and dip it in the hot curry before gobbling it all up. I could live on roti prata and never get sick of it.

Also discovered my new favourite drink (besides “Kopi Ping”) in Singapore. It’s Milo!! I don’t know why it took me so long to discover it.. but hot Milo is only around 70-80c and they do it really rich and creamy in Singapore… sinfully yum :)~ It’s amusing (yet horrifying) that Milo costs $3.50 in Australia vs 70c here, especially since all the ingredients used to make it (ie. the milo and milk) is available for cheaper in Australia. For shame! ;( Anyway, also had a plate of Fresh Fruit to try and convince ourselves that we were healthy.

Cheese & Onion Roti Prata with Curry (SG$1.40)

Hot Milo (SG$0.70)

Fresh Fruit