Birthdays, FASHION, FOOD, Uncategorized MY 25th BIRTHDAY 31 October 2006

Chris blew me away with his 25th birthday present 🙂 We don’t normally “do” gifts, as after 6 years you kinda run out of things to get! And we tend to prefer experiences/events to celebrate.. so we normally go for a lovely dinner or a holiday. But this time, he insisted on a gift. I had no clue what he was thinking of getting so the curiosity was killing me, I’m not one for surprises!

Love & Hatred?? What IS that?! Sounds kinky. Oh dear.

Oh oh oh! They’re EARRINGS!!

Pretty white gold & blue topaz earrings 🙂

His rationale was, he wanted to get me something “rare and regal”. Rare is definitely the world, because Love & Hatred exists only in the one boutique in Australia, in the Strand Arcade. The Italian designer draws inspiration from Egyptian, Chinese, Aztec, etc cultures.. and most of his pieces showcase rare gems. Really pretty stuff.

Natural blue topaz

So why white gold & blue topaz? White gold because I can’t wear sterling silver, and the boutique doesn’t have silver anyway. Blue topaz because he knew I’m really into teal/aqua colours at the moment.. and because natural blue topaz is one of the rarest. It’s also the Greek word meaning “to shine”, and is “the Stone of true love and success in all endeavours.” What we also found out later that it’s the Scorpio birthstone. Cool 😀

They feel divine in real life – all solid and substantially heavy. I like how the topaz is subtle, so I can pretty much wear it with any-coloured outfit and I’m not limited to just aqua-coloured clothes. I really love them 🙂

More of Love & Hatred’s gorgeous gems

Also got a super sweet card and a cheque in the mail from Mum & Dad.. yay! 🙂 And I *squealed* when I got my cousins’ gift of a movie pack (Gold Class tickets, regular tickets, candy store tickets, etc).. perfect present, hehe.

At work we had a caramel mud cake & chocolate ice cream cake to celebrate my birthday as well as 2 other ladies (lots of birthdays in the office this month). And the team was really thoughtful and gave me a little angel suit for Star the ferret! Hahaha! Will have to take pics of her wearing it soon.

Caramel Mud cake – Moist caramel flavoured mud cake smothered in chocolate and caramel ganache.


Chocolate Ice Cream Sponge cake

Recipe book gift – so perfect!

My desk, birthday-ified by workmates

And also big THANKS to all the lovely emails, cards, adorable LJ e-gifts and SMS messages that you guys sent, they really made me smile 🙂

And so, I’m finally “mid-twenties”. Zoinks.