FOOD, Food reviews, Uncategorized THE ITALIAN BOWL @ NEWTOWN 13 September 2006

The Italian Bowl
255 King Street
Newtown, NSW 2042

Chris came to pick me up after work today, so we could go to Newtown. gave The Italian Bowl the thumbs up, and that was a good enough reason to make the ‘trek’ there.. considering it took Chris 30 mins to drive from Microsoft to the place 😛

I was fascinated the moment we drove past whilst looking for a spot to park. It was bright, cheery and simply packed with diners! When we walked in, funky music was playing and the cooks were being busy bees in the open-concept kitchen. Lots of clanging of pans and sizzling of food, as they whipped up meal after meal at lightning speed. Service was super-duper quick and we didn’t wait more than 10 mins for our pastas – fantastic! To top it all of, they’re cheap, at just $10 per dish.

After much deliberation and helpful input from the guy, I decided on the Linguini with king prawns, garlic, spinach in olive oil and chilli. It was a winner – the pasta arrived al dente and the mild olive oil/chilli really offset the fabulous flavour of the prawns. They were really generous with the prawns too, with 6-7 king prawns in the pasta. I’d rank it up there with one of the best pastas I’ve had, especially if you factor in the price for that much seafood.

Chris opted for the Linguini with chicken, spinach and peppercorns in cream sauce. Overall, I thought the pasta was good, but not spectacular. It was a fairly basic creamy sauce but I may be biased because I find chicken in pasta really boring in general. It was all cooked really well and the flavours blended in well though.

Dessert was, what else? Tiramisu! A good tiramisu is the mark of a true blue Italian restaurant, IMHO. And they were spot-on. Easily and by far the best tiramisu I’ve had. It arrived in a cool frosted glass which made our eyes light up.. and eagerly digging our spoons in, I was delighted to find that the cream was…. unbelievable. I normally steer clear of cream, but this wasn’t regular whipped cream, it was really really dense, and as Chris put it, “in-between cream and ice cream”. It was divine :)~ The cake on the inside was all moist and was so soaked in coffee liquer that it was practically swimming in it at the bottom. Sublime :)~

All in all, fantastic Italian food at a really reasonable price. Good, fast grub. Why can’t there be more places like these.. specifically near where I live?!

The Italian Bowl’s open-concept kitchen

Linguini with king prawns, garlic, spinach in olive oil and chilli

Linguini with chicken, spinach and peppercorns in cream sauce