HOMECOOKED SEAFOOD ALFREDO PASTA, STRAWBERRIES & Y... 26 September 2006 in FOOD, My recipes, Uncategorized

Cooked again tonight.. a Seafood Alfredo Pasta that took just a few minutes to toss together (I short-cut on the ingredients). Easy peasy! And fantastic for a carb-monster like myself. Very, very satisfying :)~ Dessert was Fresh Strawberries & Honey Yoghurt, mmmmmmmm… Not a...

HOMECOOKED NACHOS in FOOD, My recipes, Uncategorized

Another homecooked meal last night. Homecooked Nachos YUM :)~

HOMECOOKD BAKED BARRAMUNDI & SALMON 25 September 2006 in FOOD, My recipes, Uncategorized

Homecooked dinner. 15 mins to prepare & cook. 100% healthy & tasty. Baked Barramundi fish with avocado salsa & salad Baked salmon with avocado salsa & salad

FERRETS IN THE PARK in Ferrets, Uncategorized

Took the little furkids out for a play in the park this afternoon, since the weather was terrific 🙂 Walking in the park Star: “Pick me up?” Ferreting in the bag The hyper Star, dragging poor Misty! Star getting a kiss from Chris Star...

PHO XIC LO @ CHATSWOOD 24 September 2006 in FOOD, Food reviews, Uncategorized

Pho Xic Lo 17 Spring Street Chatswood, NSW 2067 $$— Was at Chatswood today and realised we hadn’t had any Vietnamese food in yonks. Walked past Pho Xic Lo and decided we’d have lunch there. All the tables were full, which was a good...