FASHION, Uncategorized SHELVES 28 August 2006

I bought these shelves from eBay.. for just $35.00!! I’m really pleased with it.. it’s in brand new condition and exactly what I was after. Previously, I’ve been dumping all my handbags on the dining table, and all my shoes on these rickety cheap shoe racks (piled on top of each other) that threatens to topple over any minute. Now everything is all nice and sorted on these shelves, and it looks SO much neater than before. And for just $35 on eBay, you really can’t go wrong!

The whole set-up. Still have 1 of the shoe racks (on the right) ‘cos
they didn’t all fit on the shelves 😛

Random colourful bags


More shoes

I’m going to sell a couple of my handbags though.. too much $$$ tied up in there and I want it liquidated so the cash can sit happily in my bank account instead 😛